new-logo251_002by James Hufferd, Ph.D.                                                                                      Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


As one with no access to inside information, but arguably of sound mind and with a propensity for paying attention and seeking reality, here’s what I make of the Obama administration’s and others’ attacks on Russia and Putin particularly for interference in the recent U.S. presidential selection. I draw this conclusion as no Republican and, as of now, no Democrat. Apologies in advance for the seriously, indefensibly long sentences – that’s the way I think. If I had a day or two to chop them down…

1)The administration, media, and Democrats in general and certainly all good, “right-thinking” Americans and globalist elitists are so stunned and undone by Hillary Clinton’s election loss to the uncontrollable Mr. Donald J. Trump, whom they thought they had sufficiently demonized to prevent even the least possibility of his winning, that they conclude there must have occurred some awful contamination or sabotage of their right-intentioned side’s rightful and accustomed control process, which had always worked before as planned at securing a desirable outcome.

2) Vladimir Putin’s Russia had notoriously foiled the larger plan of the U.S. imperialists to oust the still well-supported Syrian President, Bashir Assad, whom they assiduously demonized in the west, by decimating through a campaign of airstrikes the American supported Arab mercenary invaders otherwise masquerading as Syrian rebels who also constituted the real ISIS component in Syria, thus permitting Assad’s plucky Syrian army to defeat the U.S.-backed “rebels”/invaders, to the welcoming acclaim of the long-surviving residents of Aleppo.

3) Earlier, this same Putin had ruined the Americans’ perceived as clean (as accustomed in the many such cases) takeover of previously-democratic Ukraine by pro-western puppet force’s illegal coup, by supporting across the border the ethnic Russian majority’s irate pushback in their eastern part of Ukraine and peacefully re-annexing the historically Russian Crimean Peninsula from the illegitimately-installed Ukrainian regime, in response to an overwhelmingly pro-Russian actual vote of its citizens requesting such. Thus, Putin’s successful pushbacks against deferring to U.S. hegemony everywhere were viewed as maddening and embarrassing setbacks to the progress of the imperialists/globalists in their push for planetary control.

4) The substance of the gigantic troves of errant emails from the irresponsibly unsecured Clinton campaign, Democratic National Committee, and Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta, released in an unbelievably long sequence by Wikileaks through the late summer and fall, were intensely embarrassing and damaging to the public’s perception (even though vastly under-reported by the mainstream media – so under-reported, in fact, than most daily consumers of the msm still think the Wikileaks revelations were “fake news”) of the deeply-flawed effort to keep the imperial-minded global hegemony elite’s backed figures in solid control in the U.S. But, it was concluded, as stated above, that the self-damaging, thoroughly demonized Trump could not overcome his glaring negatives to be elected over the “right-thinking” Hillary. In fact, they expected him to be crushed, so why worry? And Wikileaks’ sterling record for accuracy and genuineness of literally all its incredible number of released documents over the years was judged to be unassailable, although vague contrary aspersions were voiced. Hence, no real defensive action or pushback against the unending series of damning revelations was undertaken before the election.

5) With the run-up to the election no longer the nation’s focus after the infamous November 8, the obvious next move in an objective, sane society would have been to follow up powerfully all the released and still unchallenged, deeply implicating information provided in the emails in an investigatory sweep, and thus reveal the true character of both the key figures exposed and their unprincipled organized effort to sustain their masters’ iron control over the destiny of the country. But, since such an exercise in honest reckoning was not the be sought or condoned by the Obama administration still in power until January 20, the nation’s focus had to forcefully shifted completely away from the seemingly indefensible content of the messages divulged by Wikileaks, to condemn the most loathed postulated source of the offending news contained therein, the alleged provider of the dirty laundry to Wikileaks to release publicly – an act they preferred to view as having tilted the election and given the country a truly deplorable leader.  And, no surprise, the bogeyman president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, was naturally chosen for the honor, and to become the pilloried and denounced target of scorn. And, accordingly, a finding was concocted and signed off on at once by all approximately 18 U.S. intelligence agencies concluding that Putin himself had ordered the hacking of Clinton, the campaign, and the DMC, for whatever such hacking might conceivably yield and avail. All apparently without evidence that anybody had hacked anything.

6) But had they? Probably, they had, since every world player country constantly hacks every other country. (Ask Angela Merkel).

7) But, were hackings that probably did happen, especially given the notoriously left-wide-open status of Clinton and associates’ emails, the source that provided the troves of emails for release by Wikileaks? Wikileaks’ founder and head, Julian Assange, emphatically says no, they were not. The endless reams of emails he and Wikileaks released came not from anybody’s hacks of the private, revealing exchanges, but via leaks from an unnamed disgruntled source inside the campaign who had trusted full access.

8) And, of course, Julian Assange’s good-as-gold testimony is (must be) consistently ignored, even by Donald Trump (now being pressed hard to continue to deny and, supposedly, disgrace himself), who must surely know of it, but understandably doesn’t want to ruffle quite enough feathers to bring mini-nukes or drone attacks on himself. And so, the circus continues. But, luckily, the false villain (in this particular case), Vladimir Putin, has shown the rare, in this day and age, good sense to step out of the way.

JH: 1/2/17