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For Immediate Release

January 3, 2016

Author: Corey Lea

Cowtown Foundation

Nashville, Tn.

615 308 7787

The NAACP has truly deviated from its founding principles and creed: to advance the condition of America’s Blacks. Indeed, when the Civil Rights Movement was in full swing, the organization stood for unification of people of color. Even a few years after the movement, it still had the interest of people of color at heart to some degree. However, in the year 2016, this definitely was not the case.

Now that the watered-down organization has joined the political circles of Washington, DC, its once activist roots have seemingly hybridized into wholesale cooperation with the very oppressors for which they were created to contend. Unfortunately, we have begun to witness the truth of the old adage, “you are who you hang with.” There are likely a million stories that could be told about the ineffectiveness of this organization. By many accounts, it has caused divisiveness among people of color instead of solidarity.

Of those millions of stories, I would like to share a very critical one about the Black Farmers and their recent experience with the NAACP.

The plight of Black Farmers has been well documented over the years, from the largest civil rights settlement against the US Government to the USDA rebuking and ignoring mandates from Congress that protect this class of farmers from discrimination. In 2013, several groups advocated for the rights of Black Farmers. One group in particular, The Independent Black Farmer, called upon the NAACP’s National and the Alabama chapters to help champion their cause. The response it received was nothing short of “jaw dropping.”

Instead of hearing the facts of continued discrimination at the USDA, the NAACP wanted to play the political game of “shuck and jive” it learned in Washington. The much-maligned former Assistant Secretary of Civil Rights, Joe Leonard, was one of the guys they often rubbed elbows with. In short, there was no way, in the eyes of the NAACP, that a black man with authority could be responsible for neglecting his duties to fight discrimination within the Department of Agriculture. In fact, the NAACP told the suffering Black Farmers that it could not champion their cause because of the relationships it had in Washington emphasizing that it would pose some sort of conflict of interest.

Well, the farmers would like to know who’s interest? I guess the heads of that organization forgot that it was the Black Farmers of the South that financed the Civil Rights Movement and housed Dr. Martin Luther King and those who marched with him. They were subjected to beatings, hangings and those dreaded German Shepherds. When the Civil Rights leaders were jailed, it was the Black Farmers who pooled their monies together to pay their bail.

For the NAACP to stage a protest against Jeff Sessions and attempt to thwart his nomination as Attorney General for alleged voter suppression and contentions that he purports voter fraud is shear Hypocrisy. It is the NAACP’s hypocrisy and shunning of the very people that helped give rise to the movement that is more newsworthy than this senseless sit-in in Mobile. Maybe if the organization would have helped with voter turnout then this whole ridiculous demonstration against Sessions would not have become the self-serving dog and pony show disguised as being in the best interest of people of color that it truly was.

Corey Lea
Executive Director
The Cowtown Foundation Inc.
The Lil’ Cowtown Ranch and Rodeo Inc.