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Guests will be: Barbara Lovett– Administrator of Save Nosey NOW on Facebook & Animal Rights Advocate …& Robin Vitulle -Administrator of Save Nosey NOW on Facebook & Animal Rights Advocate .



noseyNosey the elephant needs all of our help now for her to retire to a sanctuary. Nosey has been alleged to have health problems, including but not limited to arthritis, chronic diarrhea, degenerative joint disease, and long- standing, unmanaged hyperkeratosis. Forced to perform, much of Nosey’s life has been spent performing in circuses across the United States. On top of elephant rides and confined living spaces, this can cause further stress to her health and psychological wellbeing.

  • Nosey has been seen exhibiting stiffness in her joints, indicating arthritis that was likely brought on by her confined lifestyle.
  • Much of Nosey’s life is spent confined in an inappropriate trailer, crated from one venue to the next with little relief or exercise.
  • Violations of the Animal Welfare Act – Nosey’s owner has been cited by the USDA for numerous and repeated violations to the Animal Welfare Act.
  • http://raymondlesniak.com/noseyslaw/  Please sign and circulate the petition to show your support for S2508, Nosey’s Law to ban use of elephants in NJ.

http://www.peta.org/action/action-alerts/congress-action-nosey/ Plz Sign & Share Petition! TY!~

***CALL TO ACTION*** Make a Phone Call***Your Help is Needed! TY!~
Call the following authorities and let them know how unconscionable it is that they allow Nosey to continue to suffer.
1) Tom Vilsack | USDA Secretary of Agriculture: 202-720-3631
2) Kevin Shea | USDA Deputy Administrator: 202-799-7000
3) Bernadette Juarez | APHIS Deputy Acting Admin: 301-851-3751
4) Phyllis Fong | USDA Inspector General: 202-720-8001
5) Kara Hooker | Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC): 850-488-6253
6) Loren Lowers | FWC: 850-717-2101 or 850-252-1390
7) Mark Warren | FWC: 850-617-9592

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