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The the gods of the anti-free speech campaign have spoken.  I’m not sure if they came in with with their own brand of the 10 commandments of political correctness, but they have definitely spearheaded an anti-fake news movement from beautiful downtown Silicon Valley.  Since the die hard liberal/progressive/commies lost the election, Facebook and others are on a mission to tamper with the truth and especially the alternative news sources on the internet.   Lest we forget,  Hitler was on that same page with book burning and propaganda clips over the radio airwaves.    

Additionally, since the old Germany lost the war in 1945, this same agenda is, of all things, coming back to Germany but also hitting America, the land of free speech, the free press and the home of the brave.  Yes, if we remember, UC Berkley started the back in the 60’s but what happened? Has UC Berkley fallen out of the free speech grace arena?

But let’s ask the question, who then is pushing Facebook to redesign a new speech and censorship order?  You wouldn’t think it was the White House behind it would you?  It wouldn’t be the far left junkies of the NWO either, right?  Sorry, I meant left?  Just a little bit of phraseology here to keep you entertained.  Are journalists and whistle blowers no longer protected from government tyranny in America?

Now then, when it comes to the far left pointing their finger at the alternative news-internet websites as being fake, think again.  All along it has been the far NWO left who for many years has been reporting the fake news stories all along.  In my book, House of Lords: America in the Balance, which came out in 2009, I devoted an entire chapter to the freedom of the press and fake news. 

Here is a sample from my book.
“Fake news sponsored by the government has been going on for a number of years.  Not only was it present in the Bush administration but the Clinton administration as well.”  “When it comes to television, freedom of the press has now become a fake constitutional provision where government is free to manipulate any way it chooses, and corporations, like the government, pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to air their extremely fabricated news at will.”  House of Lords, page 31.

But members of government are now using there own fake news agenda to tamper with free speech by calling alternative news sites that report the truth as being fake.  So the communist/progressive dictatorship is now grasping at straws trying to use organizations such as Facebook to save their own necks and their own fake news which is an outright hidden agenda to destroy America’s sovereignty and the U.S.Constitution which supports  nationalism, the rights of the people, and not world government.

Dale E. Winther who wrote the book “The Brotherhood of the Beast”shares his take on the latest media meltdown.
If Facebook is allowed to censor speech like they are planning, it will be the end of free speech in America and the entire free world! People must pay attention to the absolutely un-American thought control that the Germans and many other European countries are trying to impose on their citizens.  Free speech is a fundamental right of humans everywhere and America has set the standard from its beginning.  This is the most dangerous attack on basic freedom that we have seen in our lifetimes.”

The beginning of corporate censorship which is being encouraged by government could mushroom into a precedent where freedom of the press would take a gigantic step backwards.  At this moment, even German politicians are scheming on how to stop the truth from interfering with their own fake news agendas by colluding with Facebook but also pressuring them.  Germany  is so intent on being master of their own mainstream news, they want huge fines levied against Facebook if the company fails to remove unwanted news within 24 hours.  This is laughable, but it is also a sinister plot for government to once again rule the masses through big brother control of the news.  The German Chancellor Merkel is behind it and wants Facebook to delete posts which are laced with hate speech that are deemed unacceptable, according to German media.  The one in this case was anti-Semitic.

Talk of censoring content on social media has become increasingly commonplace in Germany following the influx of mass migration from Islamic countries. In January of this year, it was revealed that Angela Merkel had asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to take action against those criticizing her unpopular migrant policy. 

  In summary, the internet which was invented in America, indirectly became instrumental in birthing the alternative news which the NWO and the liberal left is sick of. I truly do not see a change coming and if Facebook decides to gamble by censoring the thousands of posts and phrases because they are under pressure to do so, then people who cater to these websites such as Facebook will switch to another site to post their stories. 

Welcome to the war of words.