new-logo251_002Author, Chuck Frank



Why is it so hard to find the truth today?  It is because the mainstream media has been controlled by major corporate players for years and years.  Day by day their reports are loaded with deception which is so massive that a locomotive barreling down the track is losing steam because it can barely pull the load. 

For example, it has been noted that Hillary Clinton spent a billion dollars on her disinformation election.  Whether this figure is true or not, it is neither here nor there, for millions of people already know that it is big money which has infiltrated our political system so massively that true representation has been eliminated though a centralized agenda made up of hundreds of federal agencies which have wormed their way into every “sovereign” state within our nation.

Instead of federal government being subservient to the states, which was the original “central” design of the U.S. Constitution, now the states are subservient to a minute parcel of land which is measured as 68.34 miles and is called Washington D.C. 

What happened?  We the people were sold out by representatives that were bought off by you know who…BIG MONEY, and thus we now have BIG GOVERNMENT.  Whether the people are aware of it or not, we still have a growing centralized government and a faltering democracy which is more accurately called the vanishing republic but how do we get it back?

Isn’t time to shuffle the deck and put your hope in the Trump card?   Yes, these locomotive wheels have been in motion for decades but those rusty wheels, for the sake of the people and their rights, need to be reversed before the entire country lapses into political,  economic and social chaos.  It is now necessary for local governments to chart their own course, free of state and federal interference who use grant money as a carrot which is meant to continue the centralization of power.  Remember now, that power is connected to international corporate interests and the United Nations.  This association of players has only one agenda in mind and that is the common people’s money and their individual rights. 


Does anyone remember the song “We Are The World?”   The song represents the idea of all people coming together and accepting one another to the degree that we become part of an “international community” and this theme is meant to bring peace and love to every
corner of the world.  That has a nice ring to it, however, this idea is not possible because certain groups of people in the world are not peaceful, nor are they interested in blending cultures and societies to achieve that very goal.

Finally, sovereign nations must work out their own problems before they can even make solid advances in bringing more peace and love to other neighboring nations.  If the people don’t start at home, how can they possibly bring more peace to the world?

 “Well the pistons keep on turning, and the wheels go round and round,
      the steel rails are cold and hard for the miles that they go down.
      Without love, where would you be right now.”
“Long Train Runnin”, Tom Johnston, Doobie Brothers