new-logo251_002Author, Chuck Frank

database-photo1One of the greatest deterrents to a free society is having a controlled press that deceives, spreads disinformation, creates propaganda and also uses censorship while distorting the truth. Thanks to the Internet and the alternative news sources, the people now have the opportunity to fly below the radar and see what transpires in the secret world of the mainstream media and various shadow organizations.

This month, an announcement coming from the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence stated that the agency would be giving their own intelligence gathering associates the latest software called ACCENT, which is a new and improved version of spyware meant to follow the actual PRINT of hundreds of socio-political events plus news articles, posts, blogs or any other form of information that may be monitored by an automatic, computer software reader.

  I am assuming this software will analyze key words and phrases. This latest program, more than doubles the accuracy of the previously deployed program which enhances media monitoring to the max! Say what?

These are your own taxes being used to spy on you and let us not forget this fact. But where was the public hearing on this massive shredding of the First Amendment which constitutionally protects the people though the freedom of the press and freedom of speech? Gone! Rogue governments, wherever they may be are on a mission to go stealth and not only inject fear by using spyware, but they also go to great lengths to fashion news in a way that influences the mainstream message,  while keeping readers from knowing the truth.

Now then, many of us were not born yesterday and for the record, Big Brother surely does not have anyone’s freedom in mind, nor do they appreciate any articles and views which may expose sinister elements and corruption. For instance, doesn’t the FBI choose how to protect
the interests of the state and bypass the interests of the people? This was clearly seen in the Presidential election and the e-mails that were released by WikiLeaks. Thus the credibility of the FBI is now totally non existent.

Taking this theme to the next level, state of the art spyware is available to corporations as well organizations such as Google, Facebook or others. These sinister players are monitoring Internet content and saving loads of archived writings in databases.

But on a more positive note, the present threat of alternative news is driving the government and their mainstream media accomplices, absolutely nuts. But in order to keep the alternative news and the printing presses running, we the people must fervently press on and prevent the enemies of the state from interfering with the people’s unalienable Internet rights and the First Amendment.

The Internet does not belong to government. It is the publics air waves and therefore it belongs to the people. Just as music is aired worldwide and there are no restrictions upon it, so the very words which are in print which ride on the same air waves shall not be abridged, censored or restricted in anyway, less freedom as we know it would simply perish completely from the world. Yes, that would be a book burning event of a different kind. Furthermore, since Obama & company gave away the Internet to the international community a few months back, what is the likelihood that rogue nations will attempt to influence which is viewed on the web to their own liking and their political aspirations?

As for America, something quite “HUGE” just happened! It’s BANNON! Stephen Bannon, from Breibart, a leading alternative news source has been chosen by Donald Trump to be his “chief strategist and senior counselor.

Now if that isn’t a wake up call I don’t know what is.

Since the mainstream news has controlled information for decades, Bannon and Trump are now, the single most dangerous threat to the MSM-NWO empire. So take a deep breath and tighten your seat belts as we embark upon a journey that could very well be like no other in the history of the world.

We’re on a mission.