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Guests will be: Donna Hughes Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, and Performer – Animal Rights Advocate & Carol Huckaby– Animal Rights Advocate and Animal Crossposter.


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Did you know that an estimated 4-5 million dogs are still living outside 24/7/365 on chains and in pens all across the nation? And that in most areas of the country chaining is not banned or even limited?

Donna Hughes’ original song, “Dog On A 10 Foot Chain” has certainly caught the attention of people around the world as she brings important awareness to dogs being kept on chains and living a life of suffering. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZn5qKJs2rU&feature=share

Most Americans know that dogs are Man’s Best Friends, and we love and treasure them as true family members. We don’t want to see any dogs left alone out in the cold, rain, extreme hot weather, etc let’s work together to bring them out of the backyards and into the home and family. The Animal Rights Advocates continues their mission to change tethering laws in their home state and around the nation.  Hughes recently launched a Change.org petition to change tethering laws around the country and in her home state of North Carolina.

https://www.change.org/p/please-sign-and-share-to-end-dog-chaining-take-a-moment-to-end-a-lifetime-of-suffering-thank-you Plz Sign & Share Petition! TY!~

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