new-logo251_002Author, Chuck Frank


u-n-flag-photo1Centuries ago, the people believed that the earth was flat and if a ship was to sail across the ocean blue, it would fall off the edge and be lost in space forever.  That was the consensus of numerous people in those centuries past that predated the first coming of Jesus Christ.

There is a group today that still stands on the old age assumption that the earth is flat and it goes by the name of The Flat Earth Research Society of America. This most recent, yet absurd world model is that humanity lives on a disc with the North Pole at its center while a 150-foot (45 m) high wall of ice at Antarctica rests at the outer edge. The maps shown resembles the symbol of the United
Nations, which Charles K. Johnson, the deceased President of the society, used in the above photo as evidence for his position, stating that the earth is not a round globe but a flat object. To this day, succeeding president’s of the society have held on to this same belief concluding that the earth is actually likened to a Frisbee disc floating in space.  Funny!


Similarly, today there are other institutions and organizations that hold on to newer ideas and “theories” leading millions of people to believe in  unproven hypothetical arguments such as evolution or “Man made” climate change which approaches the “flat earth” model.  Yet, these “findings” which bare the mark of a “scientific” approach, still lack concrete evidence because of the many variables involved that are necessary in any accurate equation.   And even so, major flaws exist in today’s climate change model,  to where school textbooks are already promoting these assumptions as though they were fact or theories, all the while, the data is based upon pseudo scientific evidence which has already been exposed by thousands of scientists as fully untrue as well as being secretly altered by a select group of “climatologists” which has been documented.

Presently, disinformation seeks to deceive and divide the youth and rock the very foundations of our country.  Professors in Colorado are even on a mission.  A humanities course currently taught at the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs teaches that the Founding Fathers were hypocrites, terrorists and money-hungry barons who used hyperbole and fear to rile up the colonists to revolt against England.  (Source)
William Nardi – Roger Williams University November 16, 2016

Yet, in their analysis, there was no mention of the numerous grievances or the oppression of the English red coats during the Boston Massacre on King St.,  six years before the Declaration of Independence was declared.

What will universities, the U.N. and governments use next to generate foreign aid, deception, division, more taxes, higher costs of energy and finally a plan to rule the world?  Will they use plagues, and overpopulation or a ploy of a different sort by manufacturing a claim that earth is being invaded by aliens from outer space while fake photos of UFO’s are used to bring fear upon the masses in order to bring all nations together into one common bond to where numerous international agencies will use extreme hype and bogus emergencies to further the loss of national sovereignty, everywhere?

All a person must do is observe how government and the mainstream media sensationalizes information while using war and the thread of terrorism to catapult the fear factor into place.

Yet, the question then arises, who will benefit financially from the international plot that is widening into a global ruling behemoth, all the while, the world gravitates towards a greater and greater orchestrated power ball meltdown?  It is the billionaire elite’s and the likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, the Rockefeller’s, the Rothschild’s, the DuPont’s, George Soros and  others who are all major players and profiteers in the game of thrones.  The world is not flat after all.  It is but a global sphere akin to a tyrannical global order.