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08-10-2015_illusionAfter a lifetime of voting with Democrats, this year I marked the box for a Republican. I think it says something about how politicians view the general public when someone with your history can even campaign for an office, much less think they should actually get that office. What was the DNC thinking? What were you, yourself thinking? Did you think we really were stupid out here?

Like so many, I watched with shock and awe as Trump ran away with the election. All the more surprising as MSM and the Republican party tried their best to derail Trumps candidacy.  Shocked that so many voters finally stood up to the political machine in D.C., and said they had had enough. Awed, by the scene that unfolded on MSM. Absolute shock! leaving seasoned “anchors” virtually speechless. I rather enjoyed it.

Even after all the attempts to rig the vote (and you know you did) and after all the contrived attempts to discredit your opponents and the staging of near riots by people hired by your team to create a problem, you couldn’t overcome the problems that you yourself have and the ongoing scandals that appear to be never ending. You should never have been allowed to even be a candidate, and the American public rejected your bid for the presidency knowing that you would not stop the dirty deals, the lying, the stated intentions to start more wars, among many other infamous episodes comprised of selling us out for your own personal gain.

And of course there is that speech you made in front of Brazilian bankers to the effect that you relished the day we had no borders. As someone said……Without borders you have no country. And thats what you had planned for us isn’t it? We would be borderless, without a country and reduced to third world status to benefit …who? I would like an answer to that. Who were to be the beneficiaries of your presidency? It certainly was not going to be the American public.

About those deplorables (looks like they are with you!)

It seems you have your own basket of deplorables. They have been rioting, smashing windows, setting fires, and creating problems in the communities where they occur. They seem to comprise an age group between 15-30, a few older than this and some younger. But they are for the most part products of Millenium Goals 2000. Socialized, education, and the restructuring of America, which you helped construct. And we see the result. Virtually illiterate, fully endoctrinated students and young adults, who don’t have a clue about the bullet they just dodged. But I would hazzard a guess that many of them are collecting payments for creating a disturbance, don’t you agree?

Those arrested appear to be uneducated, and of low intelligence. Those exiting their schools to protest apparently haven’t got clue about the wars you were going to send them to fight, do they? And since they are products of Millenium Goals 2000, they intentionally do not have a clue about too much of anything else for that matter.

I am curious as to why you haven’t called for them to stop the rioting? After all, you said you love this country and we were supposedly going to be stronger together, according to you. Why would you sit silent while these people throw a tantrum because things didn’t go their way? Especially troublesome since some 70% of them did not bother to vote, (many not old enough to vote) and more so when you realize they have no idea why they are even protesting and rioting.

They don’t know how truly dangerous you are, do they? How duplicitous you are in nature and how easy it is for you to look them in the face and lie to them. They have no idea that what you had planned for them was turning the American dream into a full scale nightmare.

Did you and the other politicians, lobbyists, special interests, get the message? We have had enough! Did MSM get the message that the public is not interested in hearing more propaganda? More fake news stories?

That sound you heard on election night was the American public, having put aside fictional party affilliations and standing up collectively and saying…..No more! We have had enough!

The deplorables are in the streets. They are rioting, many being paid to create havoc, to set fires, to break windows, to terrorize their communities. Several have been found not to even be a resident in the communities where they are protesting. All of this because they didn’t get their way. And, most of them don’t even have a clue what their way is.

We truly did have to pick between the lesser of two evils this election. I don’t know what Trump will do. But I did know what you intended to do. And that was more wars for corporations and Israel. The irradication of our borders for the global economy and one world government. This was a massive set back for all those involved in these plans.

Can you hear us now?