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Guest: Mike Volpe  author of:

Sandra Grazzini-Rucki and the World’s Last Custody Trial On amazon

“On April 19, 2013, two of the Rucki children ran away from home in the middle of a custody battle which would soon make international headlines. For two years the media all but ignored the story even as the two missing girls’ faces quietly made their way on the backs of milk cartons. Then, exactly two years later everything changed and the Rucki divorce became a tabloid story covered breathlessly by the Minneapolis Star Tribune and a segment on ABC’s 20/20. While the media focused on the salacious aspects of the case, they all but ignored the corruption and abuse. Now comes the inside story and the real story; it’s a story of domestic abuse, court cover up, and a compliant media covering up for everyone. A lawyer is forced to represent her client while “under arrest”, a flight attendant and mother of five with no criminal record is forced to share a cell with a convicted murderer just off death row, and a violent and dangerous man is never held accountable and now has total control over his five children.”


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