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Heather Bowser is an Agent Orange activist and President of Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance. Her father served in Vietnam from 1968-1969. He passed away of Agent Orange connected illness at 50 years old. Heather was born two months premature and suffered from multiple birth defects. Heather is missing her right leg below the knee, several of her fingers and her big toe on her left foot. It is believed her father’s exposure to Agent Orange is the cause of her birth defects.

Heather Co- founded Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance (COVVHA) a federally recognized nonprofit, to educate and create community for the children of Vietnam Veterans who feel they have been abandoned by the U.S. government.

She has been to Vietnam four times since 2011 to understand the lingering effects of AO on the people and the environment there.

There is much misinformation and understanding on both sides so Heather feels one of her missions is to bridge communication and understanding between both parties. She educates both Americans and Vietnamese on the others Agent Orange story.

Heather has spoken around the world including, Japan and Germany and the United States about the issues still affecting the children and now grandchildren of Vietnam Veterans.