new-logo25Editorial response by:  Doug Kinan


Globe article: Wild presidential debates have proved pivotal in trajectory of campaign – The Boston Globe

Kinan’s Response:

Both candidates have acted inappropriately and both have history.

Private sector history and public sector history are different.

Trump’s alleged history has had no impact on the nation and the world.

Clinton has three decades of public service with little to show America what has been accomplished for America and Americans.

Essentially the government no longer represents the American taxpayers. Is the status quo what America needs or wants?

On one issue alone, “immigration”, the choice should be clear.

Everyone deserves a chance to come to America – the proper way. However, Clinton has declared that she is for “open borders”, which means that America as we know it will no longer be America just as Germany is no longer Germany.

The collateral damage to open borders will be so destructive that it cannot be quantified in both financial, sociological and other terms.

Consider only one aspect, of many, to open borders: Allowing tens of thousands of non-English speaking children into the school system would be devastating for all concerned. Are we equipped to handle the influx, the results and the expense?

What about the health system?

Additionally, lower and middle class working Americans’ taxes would increase dramatically.

In its proper context, poor and unemployed people don’t pay taxes and rich people have loopholes and tax exemptions essentially exempting them from paying taxes. It’s a high burden to lay on the taxpayer’s for a judgment/policy that keeps the power elite the power elite.

Is it in the best interest of America for another term of Bush and Obama or the status quo?

Self-serving politicians have demonstrated that they are not good for American business.

America now needs to try a business-like approach to running the country the same as you would any business.

To paraphrase one news “Talking Head”, Clinton may be the “death sentence” for America and Trump is 50/50. Your choice on November 8th?