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Did you know that many retailers have not met THE DEADLINE for CHIP CARD READERS? I didn’t ether. In fact, I just noticed that the chip readers have chip-card-reader-photo1been popping up in various places. What’s the deal? Are they more secure? Not necessarily. Besides that, if retailers didn’t gear up for the chip cards fast enough, which has now passed, fraudulent use of the old magnetic strip card for a purchase would end up costing the retailer but not the card company.

But get this, the “certification process” which MasterCard, Visa and others use is purposely a slow process which causes the smaller, uncertified retailers to eat any fraudulent charges and then accept the liability. The new RFID chip reader deadline is a clever ploy for the card companies to make more profit. Thus, there has been a liability shift with regard to card issuers which places the extra debt accrued because of fraudulent money on the backs of the retailers.

In addition, let’s not forget that all credit card transactions are electronic and end up in Brussels, Belgium. But who, may I ask is looking at all of that personal and private data? Is your privacy protected? Well, here’s the rest of the story. Are you sitting down?

Eleven months before September 11, 2001 Nick Rockefeller on a video was quoted by filmmaker, Aaron Russo as saying the following;

There is going to be an event Aaron. We are going to go into Afghanistan. We are going into Iraq and get the oil and establish a base in the middle east and then we are going into Venezuela and get Chavez”. See more on the “Historic Interview” with Aaron Russo’ and Rockefeller online.

Nick laughed about this fake war on terror while sharing that “by having this war on terror, you can never win it. So you can always keep taking peoples liberties away.”

Aaron asked; how are you going to convince everyone that it’s real?

Nick Rockefeller replied; “The media can convince everyone that it’s real.” Aaron then asked; “What are you doing this for?” Nick Rockefeller replied; “The ultimate goal is to get everybody in this world chipped with an RFID chip and have all the money be on those chips and if anyone wants to protest what we do or violate what we want, we just turn off their chip.”

Isn’t that the cruelest weapon that has ever been devised? Just deny a person even food when they don’t submit to a tyrannical government? Does anybody know what time it is? Just ask the lady with the diamond watch.

My advice is to use cash while you can and say goodbye to as many cards as possible. Come out of the money changer system which is already embracing a tyrannical New World Order. Incidentally, this is not conspiracy theory. These are facts!

With the up and coming election there are endless concerns that comes to mind with regard to these hard but true facts, yet Donald Trump has survived the Republican Party’s desire to push him out. But what is it about Donald Trump that the Republican elite’s do not like? Is it his declaration that calls for America to remain a sovereign and free country and not be part of the the U.S., European and Brussels, New World Order?

Turning off a persons ability to buy food with a card is a monstrous agenda that would negate the U.S. Constitution and America’s 400 year old freedom and sovereignty status. This, interestingly enough, has made Donald Trump a very unlikely candidate to be supported by the Republican Party which has begun to act more and more like the Democratic Party which supports the evil NWO.

Is this happening because the Republican party has been infiltrated by undercover lawmakers who are likened to politico/agents who hold the same beliefs as the progressive/liberal Democrats such as Hillary?

For the record, these two parties have mostly been the same ever since the first H.W. Bush became President from 1989 to 1993 and uttered the words “New World Order.” And even before Bush, President Carter while taking the oath of office stated that the “United States will help erect … a world order.” This self-proclaimed “outsider” filled many of his administrative posts with establishment insiders from the Rockefeller Foundation, the Brookings Institution, and executives from Coca Cola.

So then, a little history here serves as a refresher course to where America is today and where the country is headed, unless of course, the tides are turned and the NWO establishment loses in November. And wouldn’t this just make Nigel Farage happy who spearheaded the U.K.’s Independent Party movement and the successful Brexit referendum?