Chuck Frank

clubThe facilitators who led the St. Louis Presidential debate along with others who were people that had questions for the candidates, actually missed their mark by a million miles.There was no talk of what the candidates had in mind with regard to an ongoing agenda,that is:


  • the shredding of the U.S. Constitution and personal freedom,
  • the attack on liberty,
  • gun rights and
  • privacy issues, as well as,
  • massive intrusion through surveillance,
  • mainstream media control of the news,
  • nationalized education, (i.e. Common Core and the failings of it),
  • the internet giveaway,
  • the police state,
  • the U.N. Presence already in America,
  • FEMA camps,
  • the continuing loss of national sovereignty, and finally,
  • the danger of open borders that would combine Mexico, the U.S. and Canada into one large, but not so glorious North American Union.

    That scene would be a further expression of an already lost populace totally drenched in:


  • illegal drugs,
  • corruption at all levels,
  • government land grabs,
  • no representation,
  • banking cartels,
  • corporate bribes,
  • special interests,
  • public division and discord,
  • major unrest,
  • joblessness,
  • riots and,
  • future financial meltdowns so large that bailouts will be impossible.

    The debate which partially focused upon sickening sexual references on both sides of the equation was convenient while orchestrated distractions were brought into play by the mainstream news boys injecting their usual cover up while spinning out the real issues of an infected two party system which has seen its last day and should be put out to pasture.

    It is increasingly obvious to the American public and even the world what truly transpired at the evening debate on October 9, 2016 and I assume that the next and last debate coming up will be a total failure as well.

    Where is America’s own national referendum that would be on the scale
    of the UK’s exit from the European Union?

    The American people desperately need their own exit from an entrenched Trojan Horse made up of those powers that be, plus a thousand federal and state agencies which are likened to a sinister Babylonian empire that needs to be laid to rest and broken into a thousand pieces.

    Who will carry that torch?