Opinion, Marti Oakley


The view from a political atheist

To all of you whiners and criers out there who whimper or scream hysterically that if I don’t vote I have no right to complain……..the hell if I don’t. I have watched this cycle every four years devolve into some kind of sick comedy act, and this election has got to be the final insult to the American voters.

08-10-2015_IllusionOn the so-called “right” we have Trump. A misogynistic blowhard that has supposedly built a fortune by gaming the system, filing multiple bankruptcies on his businesses and walked away with the goods and left many holding the bag.

On the so-called “left” we have Clinton. A murderous, treacherous, deceitful, career politician whose history in government is littered with one sordid episode after another.

330 Million people estimated to be in the US and this is all we can come up with for presidential candidates? Really?

We seriously need a vote of [no confidence] on our ballots. I refuse to be backed into another corner and being forced to choose between two clearly unqualified, unworthy, unreliable, dishonest, lying, cheating, conniving, deceitful, manipulative, Trilateral, Council on Foreign Relations, central banking flunkies, as my only options for president. We don’t elect presidents anyway.

We have allowed the two major party’s to hijack the elections and to eliminate any third party candidates access to the ballots. The reasons for this can be reduced to one important reason: whichever of the two you vote for will continue to dismantle the United States.

For those of you who cling for dear life to the fictional two party system, let me give you a clue. You are a fool! This election has made it abundantly clear that Clinton has been tapped as the new chief executive, and Trump has been thrown in as the ringer. He is there simply to make it appear that there is some kind of contest going on. There isn’t.

Ask yourself when was the last time you ever saw Republicans cannibalize their own candidate in a presidential election? The last four election cycles were a parade of buffoons, clowns, and blithering idiots on the Republican side…..and they still put Bush2 in the White House in 2000 ( thanks to the unlawful, unconstitutional intervention of the Supreme Court which made sure the right flunkie got crowned) and again in 2004.

Do you really think they didn’t know in 2000 that, that man was inherently ignorant and couldn’t put two words together and come up with his own name? Yet they spoke about him as some kind of demigod that God himself had tapped for the job.

I can’t stand any more of this. If these two, Trump or Clinton, are the best we can come up with to lead this country, maybe we should just give up. I am so tired of the lying, and posturing from the mouths of people who don’t give a fat rat’s butt what happens to any of us out here. But even more than that, I am angry that so many Americans are so willingly mislead into thinking there is one iota of difference between them and what they intend for this country.

This isn’t about right v left, Republican v Democrat, conservative v liberal…..this is about us versus them …..and us is losing.