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Hosted by Marti Oakley


Guest:  Eileen Whitacre In 2008 Eileen Whitacre’s husband, a Vietnam veteran, succumbed to agent orange induced glioblastoma. As a result of his diagnosis, Eileen began researching for as much information as she could find on agent orange, finally concluding after finding numerous studies, reports and other publications, that Monsanto and the military knew full well what would happen to the soldiers once they were exposed.

Eileen has compiled a collection of reports, testimonies and government reports that clearly contain skewed results about the long term deadliness of agent orange.  In other words, the government and Monsanto already knew what was going to happen years down the road.  And they knew before the first spraying of agent orange that a large number, if not all the soldiers would suffer from the ill effects of this deadly toxin.

Join us as Eileen talks about her journey and reveals the damning information she has compiled against our own government, military and Monsanto.

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