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Join us August 12, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. CST!

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Today marks the beginning of our new series for the Veterans of Vietnam who have suffered from their exposure to agent orange, a deadly toxin used extensively in Vietnam.  After denying for more than 20 years the link between agent orange and various diseases such as the onset of a related form of diabetes, other chronic illnesses have surfaced.  The Veterans Administration uses a “presumptive” list to describe the admitted consequences of agent orange exposure, but what about the emerging epidemic of glioblastoma’s in Vietnam vets known to have been exposed to the toxin?

Guest: Laurel Holt  Laurel is the widow of Vietnam vet Kenneth “Holt.  From 1969-70 Kenneth Holt served in Vietnam.  He was a helicopter door gunner and also actively sprayed agent orange on numerous occasions.  His uniform would be soaked with agent orange until they returned to base.

In 2004 Kenneth was diagnosed with renal kidney failure related to his exposure.  In 2010 Kenneth was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a tumor producing brain cancer.  Neither diagnosis is listed on the presumptive list of agent orange related illnesses and diseases and the Veterans Administration is carefully avoiding collecting any statistics that would prove the link between this deadly cancer and the exposure to agent orange.

After a long battle, Kenneth passed away in September 2011.

Please join us as Laurel tells of their ordeal, and please let your friends and contacts know about this new series that will speak openly about what is happening to these veterans.

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