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Guest:  Lawrence Lucas

The why’s & the results of the Black farmers demonstration in front of the us supreme court in Washington dc on July 8th. The status of the case at the supreme court.

How the congress & civil rights organizations and their advocates have ignored this issue because of the politics of Washington….this campaign season. some are very visible at the conventions and on tv shows.


  • women’s class action in the usda forest service ignored.
  • USDA…Vilsack & Joe Leonard are making claims that all is well in USDA civil rights.
  • Who & where (states) all the cases they claim have been resolved.
  • USDA is known for “calling a chicken a duck”.
  • The Black farmers in Washington last month say they were not part of this so called civil rights success.
  • They claim none of their cases are part of this effort.
  • Some of these farmers have not received case numbers for cases they have filed….some many years old.
  • Exactly how many cases, and where/when were they resolved.
  • Were they resolved or just put in file 13…..somewhere at USDA?
  • Status of employment cases…were is their proof that they have really turned a corner at USDA civil rights?
  • Cases filed against the office of civil rights managers have not been resolved….part of this so called success.    


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