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5aafc0a0-aeb0-11e3-93d2-12313b024af0-mediumWhat is Despotism? It is rule by a leader or a despot to where that person embraces a system of power that is unlimited. Other related words that have similar meanings are authoritarianism, dictatorship, totalitarianism and tyranny.

During the 20th century a number of countries around the world had rejected despotism in favor of democracy or a republic to where there would be greater freedom through constitutional protections, representation and self government by the people.

However, as nations entered into the final part of the 20th century and then later into the beginning of the 21rst century, greater shades of socialism began to gradually combine with capitalism which was designed as a mixed blueprint to provide more upward financial mobility for the lower classes, but secondly, and in the end, the plan would sadly act as a major set back and a framework for:

  • fewer civil rights,
  • open borders,
  • extravagant social programs,
  • multiculturalism,
  • high density housing,
  • sexual orientation,
  • corrupt courts,
  • Homeland Security,
  • drones,
  • FEMA Camps,
  • gun control,
  • censorship,
  • more regulatory agencies,
  • environmental fines and mandates,
  • International Building Codes and finally,

  • more taxation for the participation of wars abroad while expanding the police state.

    To accommodate such a vast mix of programs, a much larger budget and a greater form socialism would be needed to enhance and advance the elite’s desired outcome but not only in Europe but also in other parts of the world which of course included, yours truly, America.

    As time went on, hundreds upon hundreds of U.S. federal agencies and their unelected  and highly paid czars and employees began to rule the roost. But let’s not forget Washington D.C. and its premier connections which include the corporate lords, the U.N., the states, the counties, and the city governments . With that said, one can readily see that a massive centralized and socialized network of government has been formed right before our very eyes but remember its been for the “greater good” but with a cost…the loss of freedom.

Yes, the greater good more accurately defined would be the top 1% which scored a touchdown.  Also, as big government expanded, so did the Presidential executive orders which regularly bypassed Congress and the people’s representation. Here is a snapshot from the FEDERAL REGISTER:

William J. Clinton issued 308 executive orders between 1993 and 2001.
George W. Bush issued 292 executive orders between 2001 and 2009.
Barrack Obama issued 246 executive orders between 2009 and 2016.

As one can clearly see, the kind of freedom and representation that our founders had envisioned is now gone with the wind while Congress, the “voice of the people” remains silent. Freedom and liberty and a government for and by the people is presently under attack from all sides and is now being eradicated at light speed.

Yet, and how has this happened? It is because a good many people actually believed in the socialist and Marxist propaganda that has been part of the mainstream media and the university indoctrinal system from which came a virus that infected the student bodies for decades. Globalist thinking, along with politicians and professors, popularized and propagated fallacies which are now destroying liberty and Western civilization! The “intellectuals” and progressive leaders are fully behind it while our own Federal Reserve and the rest of the global banking elite are major accomplices, while at the same time they’re counting hundreds of their billions. It all amounts to the love of money and a very sinister inside job.

So what was once a trend, has become an outright evil despotic and treasonous agenda that is now encompassing and eroding the world and destroying everything in its path while the livelihoods of billions of people vanish because of a secret and carefully orchestrated revolutionary plan that all along has been meant to usher in despotism for the sake of a powerful and selfish elite.

The more truth is revealed, the more that people will be set free.