new-logo25By Cassandra Anderson
“And, as always, peace is long overdue and it is time to for people to wake up and demand an end to the Middle Eastern wars.”
     There are a several intertwining theories about the failed coup in Turkey. President Erdogan and his rival Gulen blame each other, while the US is deeply enmeshed in the plot, and the US mainstream media is implicated in perpetuating propaganda.
     There are some strange anomalies surrounding coup- it seems odd that unarmed citizens would confront heavily armed military rebel forces and were able to stop them. And, rebel pilots flying F-16s did not shoot when they had the chance to fire upon Erdogan’s plane.
     David Knight, an investigative reporter for Infowars, and Mark Hall, producer of the film Killing Ed, present a case against Muhammed Fethullah Gulen. Gulen a Turkish imam, was brought into the US by the CIA.  He receives upwards of half a billion dollars a year in taxpayer funds to support his private charter school system that is used to promote Islam and indoctrinate children and young students in the US. Hall says that some of the money is sent back to Turkey to fund the Gulen movement in what he calls an “education jihad.”
   The $500 million per year in US pubic funds is raised from property taxes. Gulen has over 130 schools in 26 states. Texas has 45 Gulen schools that will get more than $200 million in taxpayer funds out of the $500 million, and, in addition, the Gulen movement in Texas has raised $300 million more in bond funds over the past 5 years.

     Gulen runs nearly 1000 schools worldwide. Outside of the US they are overtly madrasas (Islamic religious schools), but that is downplayed in the US. Charter schools are private, yet funded by taxpayer money. The system is being abused financially by hiring Turkish nationals and prohibiting open bids on construction so that projects can be funneled to Gulan followers. The Gulen schools present themselves as STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) academies and claim that they have high test scores and that every child can go to college. However, they neglect to mention that the colleges that they reference are owned by the Gulen system. Former teachers say that the schools engage in immigration fraud, in addition to other corruption.
     Hall says that millions have been skimmed and sent to Turkey to fund the failed coup, a last-ditch effort to stop the eradication of the Gulen movement there. Just two hours before the coup, an indictment and extradition demand were sent to the US for Gulen.
     Erdogan arrested about 6,000 people initially, but now thousands more have been detained. An estimated 290 people have been killed. Soldiers are being held in prison and are being humiliated.
     Knight said that Turkish President Erdogan is also backed by the CIA. Turkey supports ISIS by being a conduit for weapons and Erdogan’s son owns tankers that transport oil that ISIS has stolen from Iraq and Syria.
     Knight says that Erdogan will blackmail the US into extraditing Gulen back to Turkey by withholding the use of the Incirlik Air Base where a number of nuclear weapons are stored. Hall says that there are 90 nuclear warheads, and, under a bizarre agreement, 40 of the nukes are reserved for Turkey to use in the event of an incursion.

     Russia Today showed footage of Erdogan demanding that Obama either arrest Gulen or extradite him to Turkey. Gulen denied any part of the failed coup. American political analyst Daniel Patrick Welch says that the coup could have been push back by Gulen and the Saudis against Erdogan for his recent reconciliation with Russia and proposal to normalize relations with Syria. He implicates the US, saying that the US needs Turkey to be belligerently anti-Russian on the Syrian and Bosporus borders. He further stated that the feeble attempt at a coup may have been to teach Erdogan that he is not safe in his position. Welch was willing to bet his life that the US will not extradite Gulen to Turkey because it would be an admission that there is reason to extradite.
     Sibel Edmonds and Spiro Skouras of Boiling Frogs traced Twitter social media posts to producer, Kyle Griffin, at NBC. The tweets indicated that Erdogan was seeking asylum in Germany and essentially abandoning his country. Griffin claimed that his information came from a “senior US military source” which indicates that the source of the lie was from the Pentagon. The media and the Pentagon engaged in psychological warfare to mislead the public in the critical early hours of the failed Turkey coup. NBC News has since pulled down all articles related to the propaganda, but Griffin’s Tweet is still posted. Sibel says that people can expose propaganda and challenge liars and demand an explanation, instead of feeling powerless.

     Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams discuss Turkey’s foreign policy as stakes are increasing on all fronts. Europe has warned Erdogan that if he kills the thousands of people he has detained, all talks about Turkey’s entry into the EU are over. However, Erdogan has power over 2.7 million Syrian refugees that he can let loose on EU countries at any time, which would explode Europe.
     Paul says that while Turkey is aligned with the US against Assad, their primary concern is with the Kurds. The Turkish prime minster directed bold words at Obama, saying that anyone who harbors Gulen is at war with Turkey. If Erdogan denies the US access to the air base at Incirlik, our military will not be able to fight the wars in Syria and Iraq. However, the US will not tolerate Incirlik’s closure for long. And if Erdogan fails to carry out US orders, he will be targeted.
     Paul criticized Western intervention into Syria that has created the refugee problem. He said the problem is compounded by a system based on multiculturalism, socialism and Marxism as some refugees get special privileges and money instead of entering a host country with a sincere desire to work and assimilate.

     In conclusion, there are multiple motives for the coup and all of the players have not been fully revealed. Wikileaks reports that it will publish 300,000 government emails that may help clarify the details. Closer to home, Gulen’s abuse of the charter school system must be stopped.
     Erdogan is taking full advantage of the shock after the coup by expanding his power, with the goal of creating an executive government instead of a legislative system.