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12-9-2015 11-02-00 AMDoes anyone remember that shortly after 9/11 President George W. Bush sent special adviser Karl Rove to Hollywood to meet with 40 movie industry executives in order to promote and legitimize war? Yes, it was a horrible propaganda agenda but it wasn’t called that.

To this day, the elite’s of America and the world are still on that same mission. If it isn’t the Arab/Islam world of Egypt, or Libya, Afghanistan and Syria that the elite powers may stir up, there is now saber rattling going on with Russia. And our own mainstream media will be there to add fuel to the fire. What is it about violence that is so attractive? For one thing, it sells newspapers, TV spots and acts as a conditioning factor to where certain people will feed upon it and want to see action.

But while university curriculum and sociologists speak against violence and especially so when it is on the screen, our own government, along with movie/computer game producers are still on a mission to propagandize the youth and other innocent people. Where is the moral compass of these elite’s? Teach a child the way it should go and it shall not depart from it.

Since 1776 a very large segment of the American people who also were led by the founders, were very much interested in creating a country that was nonviolent and embraced good will towards our fellow Man, while at the same time objecting to worldly pursuits such as had been done with other countries, namely with the British, French, Spanish, and Dutch who began to colonize the world.

Historically, by the time the 20th and 21rst Century arrived, the early vision of America had been lost to the love of money while billionaire interests began to creep in and encourage war but these corporate lords, with the blessing of government, would also form companies and set up shop over seas which included mega-oil deals, Coca Cola, Levi Strauss, Citibank, Boeing and Apple Computer, just to name a few.

But why is this all so important when considering the state of America and the demoralization factor that has now consumed the country? It is important because corporations themselves act as defacto ambassadors while being in other nations for the purpose of accomplishing “political” agendas that are under the radar. Silicon Valley is now a perfect example within that equation which seeks to accommodate the U.S. Government’s desire to use the invasion of privacy and public intrusion to accomplish broad federal goals. Yes, this is fully unethical but where does this all take us?

For now, the present administration in Washington D.C. is still on a mission to “transform” America, but for good or evil? All a person must do is look around, dig a little, and anyone with half a brain can see what is happening. Absolute chaos could be just around the corner.

There are major and violent events happening from one city to another. Is this just by chance or is there an undercurrent which will finally amount to a wave of blatant rebellion instigated from those powers on high? But what would be the purpose of such a plan? Would it be to divide the country in order to spearhead a movement which would then create chaos and finally toss out the Constitution and implement martial law? Yes, anything is possible and it is up to the people now to peacefully take our country back before it is too late. We the people are not powerless and if there is a true desire to refrain from violence and promote peace, perhaps America will be saved. Yet, what is being done by the present administration to promote peace in in the world?

Finally, In 1979 the Prime Minister of Israel, Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat of Egypt turned their swords into plow shears and signed the Camp David Accord which was the most significant event of its time in which both leaders shared the Nobel Peace Prize. Though America and the world seems to be on the fringe of turmoil, there still are wonderful and historical accounts to draw from. On one day in 1977, it only took two men, one from Israel and the other from Egypt to settle a score and still the waters. It was something even Moses would have been proud of. This is the kind of history that still gives hope to a dying world that is desperate for peace and needs to learn how to love.