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leafless_tree_by_lecorbeaugris-d4q8c6qWith the new 2016 fire season upon the west, wildfires are in full swing again. And just one year ago the U.S. Forest Service said that for the first time in its 110 year history it spends more than 50% of its annual budget fighting fires at the expense of other programs. So no longer do we have a real forest service agency fulfilling its core mission. It has become the fire department.

While there is much talk every year about the expenses and the causes and the effects of forest and range fires, those very same state and federal agencies who are paid to protect the land, only offer us smoke and mirrors. They never talk about solutions on how to save at least 10 million pristine acres from being charred every year. Yet, all the while, management offers excuses such as “climate change”, “drought”, growing development or budget issues that hide the real problems. Where are their solutions? They are present but the government and the mainstream media backs away from the full story.

What is lacking in their responses is the truth and all of the key factors which has made fighting fires a billion dollar industry for all of those involved whether it be with dozer work, air tankers, helicopters, and firefighting crews. But let’s not forget the bogus “let it burn” policies that are part of the forest service’s mission
which the media always skips over.

So instead of being responsible stewards of the public’s land and allowing logging contractors to thin the trees, so as to avoid infernos, the forest service spends more money fighting fires than they would if they brought in contractors that would buy the trees and mill them, while at the same time reducing the potential of out of control wildfires.

Since the year 2000, many of the western states have experienced the largest wildfires in their state’s history but the question is why?

It is because the forest service policies were drastically changed under the Clinton administration during the latter 90’s which was subject to the endangered species act which also created forest road closures that are still in effect. By closing public and/or logging roads for a few years, the overgrowth, along with felled trees laying across these roads makes firefighting impossible. But then, the general public has not been educated with these facts nor has the Forest Service or the mainstream media even revealed it. They carefully avoid the subject, but in the end, future generations will point their finger at a previous generation that was responsible for a political agenda that was never meant as a conservation policy but all along was used to rid the rural regions of people and force them to relocate into the major cities.

Here is an after thought. If there are fewer roads to travel on in forested areas, then how can endangered species be protected in a fire? Not long ago, one million acres in the Sierra Nevada Mountains was just set aside for the “Yellow Legged Frog.” There are already major forest fires in California right now taking out thousands of frogs and not just “endangered” ones. Thank the Fish & Wildfire Agency for their “expertise” on this one. Yes, their own hypocritical policies prevent hundreds of various endangered species from even being protected.

I had a conservation one day with a logging contractor in 2015 and asked him if he ever bid forest service thinning jobs and he told me that he didn’t because his company would have to put up a $100,000.00 bond and then also navigate through all of the red tape associated with “environmental impact.”  But besides even trying to make a profit, he would have to wait many months to get the approval to go ahead with the project. So welcome to one more Forest Service bureaucratic roadblock when preventing forest fires.

One day I asked the previous Supervisor of Tahoe National Forest, Tom Quinn about the misgivings of basic forestry management and he explained to me that the present policies were “experimental.” In other words, there is no standard blueprint to go by when it comes to the publics forest land? Isn’t it any wonder that the west is constantly on fire? I call it eco-terrorism with no accountability and there is no moral compass! I compare this to a terrorist who has no blueprint to make a bomb and then blows himself up.

Essentially, what will America be left with after the smoke clears?

And what about the health issues associated with all of this? Fire smoke causes 21 different kinds of cancer. Is our government on a depopulation mission or just playing with fire?  Grace LeMasters and her associates from the University of Cincinnati, in 2006 published a study which documented a link between fire smoke and cancer while sifting through 10,000 documents of firefighters. (Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Medicine, p 48, 1189-1202 Nov. 2006.)

In summary, it is clear that there is an out of control environmental/ forest service policy which is not only affecting the health, safety, welfare and the livelihood of millions of people, it is a policy which will be affecting future generations to come.

Join the effort to stop the rising inferno by knowing the truth and sharing it.