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10-1-2013-10-25-59-am_002It is the 4th of July, the day we are supposed to celebrate our hard won independence from England and yet, few are in a celebratory frame of mind. Oh there will be fireworks, cookouts, family get together’s…all the usual 4th of July activities. Politicians will make speeches using words that mean nothing to them, and flags will wave. But a pervasive sense of doom has settled on America, one that comes from the growing sense that we have lost what we value most. Our freedom.

We are in a state of cognitive dissonance. Marcel Reid  co-founder of the Whistleblowers Summit, gave me an excellent example of cognitive dissonance saying: “We celebrate the birth of America while John Kerry, America’s Secretary of State, talks about erasing its borders.”

That’s right America, John Kerry looks forward to a time when everything we stand for, everything we have built, everything we have fought for will simply vanish as our great nation is deconstructed to benefit global corporations. If you think this is one of those leftist leaning statements, remember that the initial effort to erase our borders with Mexico and Canada, creating the foundation for the North American Union, was the 2003 Security & Prosperity Partnership signed by GW Bush while in Waco, Texas. That agreement calls for open borders for the free movement of people and goods to benefit business (corporations). And now you know why the border with Mexico will never be secured regardless of what any politician says, whether right or left.

1016328_420444734736266_378341861_n_004We have a secretary of state who wants our borders erased, and a vice president who says that no American is concerned about their constitutional rights. VP Biden should have clarified his statement and amended it to say: The government doesn’t care about your constitutional rights.

We have a House and Senate that actively works to undermine our freedoms and to dis-empower us. One dirty deal after another is all in a days work.

Federal agencies are riddled with fraud, abuse, waste and discrimination.

The Supreme Court of The United States represents a clear and present danger to the people, rendering unconstitutional rulings and opinions that directly and adversely affect the lives of the people.

We have a Justice Department whose main concern appears to be providing cover for those well connected or politically positioned.

And, we have politicians on both sides of the fictional isle prepared to send our military into another war-for-profit in the mid-east.

While these are not all the adverse issues facing America, they do symbolize the rot that defines the current state of affairs.

We have allowed ourselves to be terrorized by our own government, for their own purposes.

We have allowed the government whether controlled by the right or the left wing of the one party system in the District of Criminals, to reduce our Constitution and its embodied inalienable rights, to a pile of trash.

And now, if we stand up and protest, if we mention the Constitution, if we demand our rights be respected and if we support a non-establishment candidate…….we are considered potential domestic terrorists. Law enforcement is instructed to view us suspiciously.

Patriot groups, Oathkeepers and the like are painted as possible terrorists, anarchists, anti-government and a threat to the government. Yet the threats we hear and see come not from these groups or individuals, but rather, from the “government”.

The anarchists they appear to be so terrified of, is actually themselves. The anarchy in the District is rampant. How else can you describe and define the actions and words of those who populate the District of Criminals?

It is the 4th of July. And while there will be fireworks and all that goes with celebrating this day, there is also a sadness for what we have lost. It was not foreign terrorists who took our country from us. It was not some unknown entity that passed the laws attacking the constitution and our rights. The destroyers are inside the gates. They are us. And while we sing about the land of the free and the home of the brave, we shook in our shoes and turned to those most able and likely to harm us, and begged them to save us from the bad guys. Turns out they were the baddest guys of all. Terrorists could not do to us what our own government has done.

When you sing “Oh say can you see?”, ….Can you see what we have lost? Pardon me if I don’t light a firecracker to celebrate what we have become.


Cognitive Dissonance
This is the feeling of uncomfortable tension which comes from holding two conflicting thoughts in the mind at the same time.
Dissonance increases with:
  • The importance of the subject to us.
  • How strongly the dissonant thoughts conflict.
  • Our inability to rationalize and explain away the conflict