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This collection of news items, videos and analyses of the Orlando shooting at the Pulse gay night club in Orlando on June 12th illustrates the abundance of circumstantial evidence that points to a false flag operation involving the government and other bad actors. While people may have been hurt or even killed, there are too many lies and incongruities to accept the official story.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts claims that his several million readers have failed to find one shred of evidence that corroborates the official story of the Orlando mass shooting. He says that If the story cannot be proven, we are entitled to disbelieve it.

Unanswered Questions

There are too many unanswered questions to be addressed in one article, but they are worth asking before exploring other strange circumstances related to the shooting…
  • Why did the SWAT Team wait 3 hours before entering the club?
  • Why wasn’t there video of bodies, blood, triage and medical personnel?
  • Why wasn’t there any aerial footage from a helicopter?
  • How was Omar Mateen able to bring in a large .223 caliber AR type rifle into the club without being noticed?
  • How did he carry his large rifle, a 9mm gun and heavy ammo?
  • Why didn’t anyone fight Mateen during the four times he had to reload clips that carry only 30 bullets?
  • Why didn’t anyone fight Mateen during his time-outs when he was reportedly making phone calls and texting?
  • Why are there conflicting stories of multiple shooters?
  • Were the doors held closed from the outside to trap victims?
  • Were hospitals put under lockdown just to keep visitors away, or was it a way to keep journalists from investigating?

Omar Mateen and the failure of the FBI

Max Blumenthal reports that seven months into a job as a prison guard in 2007, Mateen was fired for threatening to bring a gun to class. He settled on a career as a low level security guard for G4S Security Solutions, a global security firm that employed him for nine years.

Sheriff Ken Mascara of Florida’s St. Lucie County said that after Mateen threatened a courthouse deputy in 2013 by claiming he could order Al Qaeda operatives to kill his family, the FBI dispatched an informant to “lure Omar into some kind of act and Omar did not bite.” This raises the question of whether the FBI has some part in provoking the violent attack.

Blumenthal’s article gives details about how the FBI and CIA rely on unstable informants and manipulate the weak-minded in manufactured terror plots.

The New York Daily News wrote that a Muslim man who attended the same mosque as Omar Mateen reported him to the FBI in 2014, two years before the shooting, basing his suspicions on Mateen”s admission of watching videos by Awlaki who was killed by an Obama drone in 2011. Another person who reportedly became radicalized by Awlaki, Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha, became the first American-born suicide bomber in 2014, and he attended the same mosque as Mateen. Despite the ‘coincidence’, the FBI removed Mateen off their terror watch list in 2014.


Daniel Gilroy, who worked with Mateen at G4S as security for several months in 2014 – 2015, actually quit his job because Mateen stalked him with 20-30 text messages per day in addition to numerous phone messages. He said that Mateen was toxic and talked about killing people. Gilroy complained to G4S several times, but he said that he company wouldn’t do anything because Mateen was Muslim.


Omar Mateen’s Employer C4S/ Securicor/ Wackenhut

G4S , Mateen’s employer, originally began as the Wackenhut Corporation, founded in 1954 by three former FBI agents. It was sold in 2002 to a Danish company, 4 Falck, for $570 million. It was later merged with the British company Securicor in 2004, and renamed Group 4 Securicor, or G4S.


It is important to remember that since 9/11, the FBI and other rogue government agencies like the CIA have earned a reputation for facilitated or manufactured terrorist acts.

G4S employed Mateen for nine years; ironically, the company sells its expertise in vetting staff, yet they failed to adequately screen Omar Mateen, despite his strange behavior and multiple complaints against him.
InfoWars states that Wackenhut was the largest security firm in the world and had many links to the CIA. Its board members were former high level intelligence officers from the CIA, FBI and DIA. William Casey, who acted as outside legal counsel to the company before becoming the director of the CIA, is linked to covert operations such as supporting the Afghan rebels in the 1980s. Those rebels later morphed into al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

Washington’s Blog reports that G4S may be characterized as a private, special operations military outfit that may be three times the size of the British military.

In 2012, a G4S employee was charged with making a bomb threat at the Olympics and two other bomb scares have been linked t the company.

The WB article goes on to connect Securicor with 9/11, providing links that show the company acted as security for all three airports involved in 9/11, and had only purchased the previous airport security company nine months before the attacks. G4S/ Securicor also managed operations at Guantanamo Bay.
Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that the share price for G4S plunged and the company lost $280 million in value after it was revealed that they were Mateen’s employer. G4S recently agreed to stop its operations in the West Bank under pressure by the BDS (Boycott, Divestiture, Sanction) movement.
Orlando Shooting Crisis Actors

Adding to the case that this was a false flag operation is the sheer number of actors involved in the event that include the shooter, the man who held the door trapping people inside and witnesses. G4S is even a advertised client of a crisis casting company.
G4S Security is a client of Crisis Cast, a British crisis actor casting agency that provides role play actors who are trained by behavioral psychologists and are rigorously rehearsed in criminal and victim behavior.

Omar Mateen’s IMDB page was reportedly scrubbed, but this link leads to his acting credits & his video, as he appeared as a security guard in the film ‘The Big Fix’.

Luis Burbano, a witness who escaped from the club, says that he held the door shut from the outside and trapped people inside who were banging on the door to get out. It is interesting that he is wearing earbuds- was someone feeding him his lines?

Burbano is an actor with an IMDB page:

Chris Enzo was not even a witness, but was spoke on behalf of Rodney Sumter, a bartender who was hospitalized for being shot three times. Enzo was not present in the club at the time, but somehow knew the details of how Sumter was shot, what Sumter was feeling and thinking and that Sumter heard two guns going off.

Chris Enzo is an actor, according to Motivated Visionary Productions:!portfolio-item/chris-enzo/
Video Analyses

A youtuber critic who goes by Peekay Truthhas has analyzed a number of videos that raise even more questions. In this first one, he notices that bar patrons who had escaped were carrying victims back to crime scene! Why head back to the Pulse night club danger zone? Where were the ambulances and medical personnel? And why is there little to no blood? (Warning: the critic drops a few f-bombs in this video).

The same Aussie critic notices that one of the victims in the video was put on his feet to stand on his own, after being carried, when the group believed that they were off-camera.

In this third video, our colorful Aussie critic shows us doctors holding a press conference 2 days after the shooting and they say that just three months ago they rehearsed a mass shooting scenario in a drill- remember that drills are common before and during false flag incidents. The doctors describe the patients as being dropped off in truckloads; available videos show few ambulances, but do reveal and a pickup truck hauling a victim somewhere. The critic points out that Dr. Lube and Dr. Cheatham had no internet reviews before the event, which is unusual for established doctors. Dr. Cheatham emphasized that the rifle that was used caused a lot of damage because it was a military grade weapon.

Agenda/ Anticipated Outcome

There are many agendas that have been served by the shooting that include gun control, demonizing “homegrown terrorists” – Mateen was born in the US and legally obtained his weapons, support for terrorist and no-fly watch lists that can be used as a tool for gun control, support for domestic spying, support for the police state, support for the War on Terror, covering up Muslim extremism, and generating support for the LGBT community and political correctness. The shooting also served as a distraction from the other important news last week like the Bilderberg meeting and the new NATO policy of treating hacking incidents against governments the same as a physical attack against a government that can be used as a pretext to go to war.