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manufactured terrorWith the recent shooting in Orlando, FL by one individual, perspective came to mind of the organized, also intentional killing taking place in the: “US vs. Them” scenario.

We are extremely fortunate not to have our grandparents, ourselves, sons, and daughters not consistently mass killed over an extensive period of time by another country’s military intervention being conducted here in the USA.

As far as “Who kills whom” per the number count, the data below per people killed in the Mid-East regions of Afghanistan, Yemen, and Pakistan by Drone Attack does not include the “millions killed” in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Egypt over the last 15 years, via CIA “Non-Drone” operations and direct US Military intervention. Over the same time period, those killed in the USA by terrorist acts (excluding 911 due to the “who” was actually responsible) is a very, very small percentage to those killed just by drone attacks. It is a comparison per who was killed on the “US vs. Them” of an Elephant standing next to a flea.

When a shooting takes place here involving multiple casualties, it is the top story of the day for weeks. Thousands are shown morning the casualties through vigils at locations across the USA. Politicians get up on the stage in front of the cameras over and over again grandstanding to take away US Resident’s held firepower (in all reality and not in the reverse psycho-babel we are all spoon fed from what the media and a select group of politicians promote), USA residents who don’t have some firepower should get some and learn how to use it “specifically based on the dangers being promoted”.

I note if what happened in Orlando happened in a large LA City, CA or a Brooklyn, NY night club, the results would be much different. There would be to many gang-bangers in those clubs where the shooter would realize his worst nightmare after a few shots fired and then he was confronted by those gang-bangers who would quickly take him out and ripped his head off.

Do large vigils of thousands take place in the mid-East after each event of mass killings (which there are thousands per year) ?

No longer, the US saw those vigils as good opportunities to identify for targeting or take out the sympathizers or friends of those being mourned through bombings and direct attack. The ones killed there are now primarily mourned in secret.

Does the syndicated news there play out “each” attack that takes place daily over weeks? No they do not. There is only enough airtime to cover with a quick mention only a small percentage of events where many were killed and then on to the next day’s report on killings.

Is the current security and need for more security being portrayed by the US media necessary in the USA? Oh, definitely yes!

I say so for one reason: If the same thing had taken place here by some very odd chance where our country was invaded by another country and tens-of-millions were killed here over years, and our country’s wealth looted, when the tide turned (which it would regarding an invasion of the USA), it would not matter how much security that other country had, we would swarm in and wipe them all out to the last man. So per the empathy aspect of: “in the others shoes”, I would say the security is not a quarter of what it should be here in the USA. I note that it also made me appreciate that in general those from the mid-East really do prefer peace to war and they really do genuinely like Americans even though we have really been pushing the envelope in that regard for the last 15-years per that like they have towards us.

The one saving grace we have is; Those from the middle East do not bunch the people and the government as one-in-the-same. They draw a unique distinction between the two. They love the US People but in the alternative hate the US Government. The one absurdity of it all is, many from the Mid-East feel sorry for us. They see us as a happy go lucky people with in general a good intent but also see how easily we are manipulated into thinking up is down, and black is white by the well thought out in advance programed propaganda coming from our own government and our Government’s controlled syndicated media outlets of which government in all effect own. The stories from outside the US News that are contrary to the Control belief factor here, (and there are many) will to most part only be seen external to the USA.

Additionally, from around the world, they see that even though the USA is the wealthiest country in the World, the peoples of the USA have been systematically, and ever increasingly are being looted in many different ways by their own government. The wealth of the USA is no longer in the hands of the people, it has been transitioned almost exclusively over into the hands of the US Government. This being done over the last 100-years (primarily in the last 40 years) right under the noses of the US Populace with most residents of the USA feeling the effects of the same but being clueless as to how it was pulled off regarding this flip in circumstance that developed over the last century.

True objective and independent thinking is becoming a lost art in the USA for the most part. Most are now told and instructed what to believe and how to think. Of which what they are told is designed in one way or another to maintain strict control over them. In the regards from the outside looking in, that is why the peoples from the Mid-East and other places from around the world do like Americans but at the same time feel sorry for the American People. They know it is just but a matter of time that the USA implodes from the inside specifically due to the ever increasing effect of the greed and opportunity entrenchment frothing forward from the corrupt individuals operating with impunity from within the US and Local Government structure that bleeds the US Population of everything they possess. Those well entrenched players, individuals from within US Government whom have very little true opposition, only care about the wealth and control they amass and NOT the people they were intended (entrusted) to serve from inside the halls of government.

TREASON: “Treason doth never prosper; what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612
** The following data “is strictly” for those killed by drone strikes in the three specified countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen.

The following is a partial listing of those killed by US drone strikes


Pakistan 2005 to 2013 –

Afghanistan 2015 –

Yemen, Primarily 2011 to 2015 –

Naming and background of those killed –


• Civilian
The Bureau classifies all individuals credibly reported as civilians as such. Where the dead are described as ‘tribesmen’, ‘locals’ or ‘people’, we believe this indicates possible civilian casualties and reflect this using the 0-X range.

The Bureau has recorded a number of female casualties in the drone war. It almost always classes women as civilians: in the FATA region of Pakistan, where the strikes take place, reports of female militants are exceedingly rare.

• Domestic building
Where drones attack buildings, these are often described as ‘compounds’ and sometimes even ‘militant compounds’. However, local sources confirm that these are typically domestic buildings that are often rented or commandeered by militant groups.

• Drone strike
A missile or set of missiles fired by a drone or drones at a single location. Where missiles hit more than an hour apart, we counted these as separate strikes. Where drones hit locations more than a couple of miles apart we also count these as separate strikes, even when they take place in quick succession.

• Other Buildings
A small number of strikes have targeted buildings that are neither domestic buildings nor madrassas and mosques. These include commercial buildings and disused government buildings.

• Religious (Madrassa/mosque)
A madrassa is a seminary – a religious school. These are usually residential facilities that educate children and youths. A very small proportion of all attacks have hit madrassas or mosques, but they have tended to have very high death tolls.

• Target Unclear
Reporting is sometimes vague about what was hit in a strike – and sometimes media reports contradict one another in terms of what type of target was attacked. In these cases, we have categorised the target as ‘unclear’.

• Vehicles
This category encompasses cars, pick-up trucks, four-wheel drives and motorbikes.