Banned TED Talk: Rupert Sheldrake on the Science Delusion


TED Rupert Sheldrake, a reputable scientist, dared to question scientific dogma, presented as fact rather than strong beliefs, resulting in the removal of his TED Talk in 2013.
Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist and author of more than 80 scientific papers and ten books. A former Research Fellow of the Royal Society, he studied natural sciences at Cambridge University, where he was a Scholar of Clare College, took a double first class honors degree and was awarded the University Botany Prize. He then studied philosophy and history of science at Harvard University, where he was a Frank Knox Fellow, before returning to Cambridge, where he took a Ph.D. in biochemistry.
Ironically, an anonymous scientific board that is dogmatic without even realizing it is dogmatic, is the entity that censored Sheldrake.
Sheldrake pokes holes in 10 scientific dogmas listed below that form a default world view and are the basis of our educational system and governments:
1. Nature is mechanical or machine-like. Brains are genetically programmed computers.
2. Matter is unconscious – there is no consciousness in stars, planets, plants, nor animals. If this theory were true, then there shouldn’t be any consciousness in humans, either. Over the last 100 years, a lot of the philosophy of mind has tried to prove that we are not conscious at all.
3. Nature is fixed. The laws now are the same as they were at the tie of the Big Bang and will be the same forever. The constants (K) of nature are also fixed and will remain fixed.
4. The total amount of matter and energy is always the same- it never changes in total quantity. Except at the moment of the Big Bang when it all sprang from existence from nowhere in a single instant.
5. Nature is purposeless. There is no purpose or direction in nature or evolution.
6. Biological heredity is material- everything inherit is in your genes, or in epigenetic modification of the genes or cytoplasmic inheritance- it is material.
7. Memories are stored inside your brain as material traces in nerve endings. No one knows how it works, nonetheless, scientists believe it.
8. Your ind is inside your head. All consciousness is activity in your brain and nothing more.
9. Psychic phenomena like telepathy are impossible. Your thoughts and intentions can affect at a distance because your ind is inside your head. This is chalked up to a lack of understanding statistics or wishful thinking.
10. Mechanistic medicine is the only kind that really works and governments only fund this kind of medicine, believing that alternative and complimentary medicine don’t work.

TS Radio: Mike Volpe reports on the Rucki divorce/custody case


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Sandy Hook Massacre: Published Press Photos Pre-Dated Event

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What is it going to take for the public to realize they have not only been screwed…..but no one even bothered to use vaseline. Everyone associated with this fake shooting scenario should be arrested and perp walked right off to prison.

Why and How We Need To End The TSA RIGHT NOW!

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Published on May 16, 2016

In this video Luke Rudkowski rips the TSA a new one by documenting not only the latest long line scandals but makes a definitive case to end the TSA right now. We go over the history of illicit, illegal activities by the agency and how useless the actual agency is. Share this video and create a loud enough outrage that will help airports hire private security and finally get rid of this illegal inept government extortion racket. Support and invest in us on http://wearechange.org/donate/ so we can go against this criminal enterprise.



Ts Radio: Whistleblowers! Sheila White~~Fighting the Giant~~all the way to the Supreme Court


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marcelWhistleblowers! is presented in coordination with Marcel Reid and the Whistleblowers Summit July 27-29 in Washington D.C.

Sheila White began her employment at Burlington Northern And Santa Fe Railway Company in June of 1997 finally leaving their employment in October of 2002. During those five years, Sheila endured sexual harassment and gender discrimination on a virtual daily basis. The harassment was followed up with three formal complaints to the EEOC. Eventually, Sheila sued for the humiliating discrimination and the retaliation intitiated by her supervisor and many co-workers which was continuous.

Sheila took her case all the way to the Supreme court…..and won. Her 9.5 year journey is documented in her book: Fighting the Giant Available at Amazon.

On June 22, 2006 the United States Supreme Court made a landmark decision in Sheila White’s favor, ruling 9-to-0 in the case she brought against the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Company. She worked in the Tennessee rail yards, one woman alongside many men. Her book describes how she learned to stand up for herself and how she helped the legal system defend her from the discrimination, retaliation, and humiliation she experienced.

Sheila is available for speaking engagements. You can contact her for information at Swhite50@yahoo.com

Fighting the Giant by Sheila White is available at Robertson Publishing.

www.robertsonpublishing.co and at Amazon.

writ of certiorari to the united states court ofappeals for the sixth circuit

Victory: Oklahoma Moves to Enact Law Accommodating Religious Objections to Biometric Photo Requirement on Drivers’ Licenses

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RutherfordHeader_2This press release is also available at www.rutherford.org.

May 18, 2016

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — Spurred on by a lawsuit filed by attorneys for The Rutherford Institute, the Oklahoma State Legislature is poised to enact a law that protects individuals from being forced to violate their religious beliefs by submitting to a biometric photograph as a condition of obtaining a driver’s license.

The Institute’s lawsuit, filed on behalf of Kaye Beach, a Christian, against the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS), asserts that requiring a biometric photo requirement as a condition of obtaining a driver’s license violates Oklahoma’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Unable to renew her driver’s license because of her objection to the biometric photo requirement, Beach has been deprived of common benefits and services that hinge on possessing a valid driver’s license, including the ability to acquire prescription medications, use her debit card, rent a hotel room or obtain a post office box. Upon being signed by the governor, the new law, S.B. 683, would require that the DPS issue a nonbiometric driver’s license to anyone raising a religious objection to the biometric photo and destroy any biometric images of the residents held by the DPS. In April 2016, Oklahoma’s Court of Civil Appeals reversed a lower court judgment against Beach and reinstated her lawsuit.

“Whether a person views a biometric ID card in the form of a driver’s license or other government-issued form of identification as the mark of the Beast or merely the long arm of Big Brother, the outcome remains the same: ultimate control by the government,” said John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute and author of Battlefield America: The War on the American People. “As Kaye Beach’s case makes clear, failing to have a biometric card can render you a non-person for all intents and purposes, with your ability to work, travel, buy, sell, access health care, and so on jeopardized.” More

Exploiting the elderly — a lucrative practice

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new-logo25By Angela V. Woodhull



10468201_687314554677465_9114756285200928886_nFew of us would enjoy having the bulk of our entire lifetime of savings converted into attorneys’ fees during the golden years of our lives. Yet that is happening with such frequency that the offspring of many of the elderly victims are gathering to speak out against ageism and the involuntary redistribution of assets.
One of the most famous occurred in Phoenix, Ariz., where 83-year-old Marie Long, was wrongly declared “mentally incompetent” (an astonishingly frequent occurrence in the courts where lots of money is involved). Subsequently, her professional guardian and the guardian’s attorneys spent all of Long’s money, $1.3 million, in less than two years. Most of Long’s money went for attorneys’ fees
Most of us are now familiar with foreclosure scams, unscrupulous homeowners associations and family court abuses. But few are aware of the lucrative corporate business of professional guardians and their attorneys gorging themselves on the assets of the elderly.
The Internet abounds with information about court-sanctioned predatory professional guardians and attorneys posted by groups such as the National Association to Stop Guardianship Abuse, the National Organization to End Guardianship Abuse, Estate of Denial, and ANGER (Advocates for National Guardianship Ethics and Reform)
Ageism is the new frontier of exploitation. This new civil rights movement promises to affect all of us at some point, since every one of us expects to grow old.
Few of us would enjoy spending our golden years imprisoned in a marginal nursing home while unscrupulous attorneys and their guardians gouge our assets.
The American Association of Retired Persons has tenuously addressed this noteworthy issue, and the Government Accountability Office recently released a 57-page report about financial exploitation of the elderly. Increased public awareness is the first step to ending court-sanctioned predatory guardianships, ageism, and the involuntary redistribution of assets.

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