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Russian Army Photo1Historically, more often than not, there are many governments that make horribly wrong decisions which affect generations to come.  Russia in the photo is one such country that has done this.  So if one considers making government a “god” for the good of the country or for the “good of the whole”, then it it is likely that in many instances there will be drastic consequences such as what happened in the Ukraine in 1933 under Stalin when 7 million people starved from hunger because they did not want to be part of the Soviet Union.  The Ukraine again, as of late, is suffering because of a rogue mother Russia.

However, Russia’s case is not unique, because often the majority at the hands of a chosen few who are at the top of the pyramid in a nation that seeks to sustain themselves though various ways which will include high taxation, with very little representation.  Then, millions of government workers become part of the money pool, all the while, states and counties operate in the same fashion.  These “public servants” who are classic controllers, lord their authority over the common people in excess, while at the same time fear is used to prevent resistance.  These types of governments, rather than ruling by the consent of the governed, rule by force in order to further their pet agendas but also keep their government jobs and their fat retirements.  And yes, for the record, America is one of these countries.

In a new twist of fate, on June 23 of this year, the people of the UK(i.e., Great Britain) will vote in what is called the EU referendum which asks whether or not the people should choose to remain in the European Union or leave it.  In essence, national referendums of this kind are rare in the UK and only two referendums to date have been held with the first being on the membership of the European Economic Community in 1975 and the second one which adopted the Alternative vote system in parliamentary elections in 2011.

By allowing the people, as a whole, to vote on a major issue such as this, it is a step in the right direction, and especially so when considering the implications of joining up with the European Union that would eventually propel the UK into a loss of sovereignty while
taking on EU mandates which include climate change, environmental standards, fines, a World Court, an EU military, dishonest banking, and much more. The EU elite, generally speaking, would end up being a sacred cow which in the end will milk the system, while placing extreme burdens upon the people as a whole.  Thus, it is my hope that the people of the UK will vote “no” and not continue to be part of this “grand plan” which is obviously the next step in creating a New World Order.

In contrast. this same idea of bringing nation states together is also on the drawing board in America and it has to do with annexing Mexico and Canada into the U.S. which would then become the North American Union. Yet what exactly would transpire in an arrangement of
this kind?  The consensus of many is that it would be much the same as the EU to where a loss of sovereignty would naturally result with a greater centralization of power which would then be shared by an oligarchical elite such as what has been created in Brussels, Belgium
that oversees the affairs of the EU.  

With that said, knowing the dire consequences of gravitating towards a North American Union oligarchy, would the American people first be given the right to vote on a similar UK-referendum agenda?  And does the U.S. Constitution even provide such a mechanism of this kind?

The answer is, it does not.

Taking this a lot further, the lack of a referendum mechanism clearly reveals a major flaw in the U.S. Constitution to where the very will of the majority can be overruled by either the U.S. government or a future North American Union coalition.  And to add to this nightmare, the Bill of Rights which was meant to protect the people from rogue governments would then be swept away.   Thus, with the stroke of a pen an authoritarian form of government would decide the plight of the people and the U.S. Constitution would be laid to rest.

For the record, massive governments always lead to more centralization and this means that, in the end, we the people will have no voice and no choice in major matters of the state.  And if you are a person who thinks that you still have a voice today, then just look around and
see how many rights have been taken away even before 9/11.

America, have your eyes been opened yet?  Your country is at the crossroads of life.  The choice is now ours to make.  Either we the people who wish to remain free must act now before it is too late or this nation, which was based upon God given rights, will be lost to
those rogue individuals who are intent on destroying one nation under God.   There is a narrow road that points to God and freedom, but there is still another road which is wide and it leads to oppression and destruction. 

So we must now choose this day whom we will serve.