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Hosted by Marti Oakley & Debbie Dahmer


Please join us for what is sure to be one of the most informative shows we have ever done!  Lou Hicks & Ken Mason of  Aimed 2 Purpose radio, based in Los Angeles join the show for two hours of discussion on the wreckage that is government cash incentive programs that are used to destroy families and the lives of individuals, all in the name of federal funding and cash paid directly in to state treasury’s.  We are being bought, sold and traded by corporate interests posing as “government services” agencies.

We are considered “captive markets” by these agencies.  Our elderly are robbed of their estates, forcibly drugged and isolated from their families. Our children are abducted, put into foster care and many times adopted out. Even the collection of a child’s DNA has a big payoff!  In each instance, the state is profiting from the abduction, forced incarceration in homes and institutions, and the leasing out of “wards of the state” who are now considered human property, to pharmaceutical companies for drug and vaccine testing. The result is lives lost to a system that is constructed with the intent to profit from human trafficking,

This show will be jam packed with information you can use about how this system works.  Lou & Ken will bring their own experiences in this system as an example of how lethal it is and the danger it represents to the public at large.  Learn what your rights are under mental health, vaccine and other  mandates.


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