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Guest: Claudia Donnelly

Claudia was her mother’s hcpoa. In 2004 – 2006, I was her caregiver. She was a victim of financial exploitation — but neither the state cared enough to investigate or the King County Sheriff’s Office  I visited her 3 times a week in the Federal Way facility she was in from March 2006-June 2007.  My siblings had her house sold before she was even dead. I have no contact with my siblings. My siblings wanted her in a care facility (she had a long-term care insurance policy that only allowed it to be used in a facility.)  . I talked to an attorney in 2005 about getting help for mom and me as my siblings refused to help. I can’t help mom any longer, so starting in 2006/2007 I’ve become an advocate trying to help others in our state and across the country

Claudia will be discussing how WA State treats the elderly who have or need a guardian. Our state leaders are like ostriches with their heads in the sand. I’ve been told that “we — meaning the state” — won’t be working on any help for them until the 2017 session. The state recently released a state Alzheimer’s Plan — I testified about guardians who go after seniors with Alzheimer’s — but the only solution I’ve seen is that there needs to be another study group. How is another study group going to help our seniors who are being exploited by professional guardians? Guardians isolating seniors — I tried helping Kerri Kasem when she was in WA State with her 2 bills. I talked to someone today who is running for state Rep. and he feels — and I agree— that WA State officials are behind the times. Duh?


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