Author Chuck Frank

Well water, in the photo, remains plentiful at Venetucci Farm, Colorado, but water law requires purchase of an almost equal amount of “allocated” water before they can pump. Sources for allocated water are becoming harder to find.

Since 1992, a systematic attack on agriculture and food production in the United States has been developing, however the West has bore the brunt of this highly purposeful agenda which began with President Clinton in 1993 and is currently being promoted in California by the courts and Governor Brown. Consequently, ranchers have had their long-existing grazing and water rights methodically stripped away on Federal land and now private lands as well. Agricultural interests have been relentlessly sued by environmental groups and then over-regulated by the government.

Here is an example:  The California State Water Board, recently invoked an emergency water allotment regulation without due process. Since January 2015 major changes have been made in the State of California with regard to private wells and ground water. There is now a new move by Governor Brown who recently signed a bill that changed water laws in the fall of 2014, which undermines the people’s property rights where private wells all over the state, will begin to be metered wirelessly by satellite. It is foreseen that the next step will eventually be mandated flow meters on pipelines coming from lakes, canals, creeks and rivers.

Already, state water agencies and/or community water districts have begun to implement allotment controls which allows the monitoring of well water meters and includes the use of fines and enforcement. I am familiar with someone in Northern California that was recently forced by P.G.& E. to put in a smart meter on his new well, and yes, it was mandated.

If local government takes this a step further and mandates flow meters on irrigation pipelines coming from a variety of water sources, there will very well be a limit to the amount of water that may be taken. What is now transpiring more and more is a rogue and unconstitutional government that is on a mission to monitor and control water locally and this fact is already happening in other states. Presently, broad government overreach, in matters of personal needs, such as food, water, shelter, & electricity, is off the charts. And let’s not forget about the other issues such as saving the frogs and toads by eradicating thousands of trout in the Sierras. There are thousands of other “endangered” species that are all part of a massive, decades old agenda that includes a tidal wave of lost rights and jobs.

Is the sky the limit?

Yes, when it comes to the water issue, there is a huge dark cloud covering the entire State of California and farmers and ranchers must now beware. There is and enormous plan, and it is already here and I includes the last straw – A WELL TAX ON ANY PRIVATE PROPERTY!

Under the radar, Governor Brown slipped that measure in as a “trailer” in one of the bills passed by the legislature. If the ranchers, farmers, and other growers do not resist this bullet train that is barreling down the track, it will be the final nail in the coffin for freedom and property rights.

Though the State of California “claims” they own the water, should not the people who own their land have a right to their own well water which is beneath their feet, since their health, their animals, the food that is grown, and their livelihood depends on it?And if the government wants to play Neptune, that is, the Roman mythological god of fresh water and the sea, then let them call on Neptune and build more dams instead of destroying hundreds of perfectly good dams which they have been doing in the U.S. for quite a few years.

Mark Meckler of Nevada County who is best known as a past Tea Party activist, quoted the following in his internet article on 9/18/14 while referring to a statement from State Senator Jim Nielsen.
With the stroke of his pen, the Governor changed over 100 years of water laws-without the people’s input. This is not the democracy Californian’s deserve.”

Mark went on to confirm that fines and fees will be attached to those who “do not comply.” None dare call this tyranny. And what if you don’t pay those fines, will there be liens placed on your private property?  That’s is the norm with county governments.  Mark went on to say that the new laws will create rogue agencies to function as the “water police” and that wells would have to be registered and then be subject to inspections “without consent.”  And if the wells don’t comply, they will be subject to penalties and/or be shut down.   However, “the new regulations also conveniently exempt the largest consuming counties like L.A. and their basins.” Don’t forget the swimming pools.

I liken this entire mess to the China Syndrome. If growers allow this to happen, they are looking at a complete meltdown, caused by the state’s encroachment of unalienable-God given rights which is America’s foundation of freedom. Finally, what then remains if our water is purposely mismanaged by Big Brother who is also guilty in allowing roughly 10 million western acres to burn every year? Do we need the state to also turn off our water?

Control the water and thus, control the people. And what will be left? Penalties and a
“Dead Harvest.” Also, see the movie here;