By W. R. McAfee
January 31, 2016


A Jim Stone article about a Tdap vaccine given pregnant women in Brazil pretty much buries Zika and the mosquito as the cause for some 4,000 infants being born with undersized brains beginning in October 2015.

Microcephaly is rare, occurring 1 per 6200 to 8500 births. And the Zika virus is generally mild and only causes symptoms in one in five people who have it.

From the BBC:  “Brazil says the number of babies born with suspected microcephaly, or abnormally small heads, since October has now reached 4,000.

“The brain condition can be deadly or cause intellectual disability and developmental delays.”
Stone points out only a small percentage of the babies born in Brazil with undersized brains had any trace of Zika in their system. Which means a huge majority of the Brazilian babies born with the defect had no Zika in their brain. Which means Zika was coincidental to the babies’ defect.

So . . . if not Zika, what?

Brazil mandated the Tdap shot for pregnant women beginning in 2015 . The shots coincide with the estimated 4,000 newborns with the defect, and was the one thing common to their Brazilian mothers during their pregnancies.

Notice how viruses like this seem to “appear” at regular intervals this century?. You know, like “the deadly Ebola virus” that MSM fear moguls tried to embed in the public’s mind; the ultimate aphrodisiac in a game called The Big Scare played by the Wizards of Oz (aka the boys behind the curtain) to “thin” populations while simultaneously making billions off their misery and/or demise.

No one seemed to know where Ebola came from or where/what its natural reservoir was/is. Was it a sub-zero-and-fire proof space traveler carried here on a fist-sized meteorite that crashed in Africa? You know, like AIDS that “. . . just appeared in Africa one day?” Near a volcano, they said. From monkeys, the pre-Internet public was told. The Dark Continent seems to attract diseases that cry out for antidotal vaccines.

The “Ebola Panic”—like the “Swine Flu pandemic”—was coordinated by an international banking cartel headquartered in The City in the middle of London (with confederates and banks located worldwide and on Wall Street); the same people who finance and control the world’s “vaccines” and other manufacturing industries, media, energy, money, and governments with their 150 central banks (the Fed in the U.S.) that print fiat (paper) money “loans” for nations at perpetual interest.

It (Ebola) just showed up; didn’t exist in the 18th and 19th centuries, and didn’t appear in the 20th century until 1976 in Sudan and Zaire; then again in 1989 from infected monkeys—so the public was told—imported into Reston, Virginia, from Mindanao in the Philippines; then finally in Cote d’Ivoire in 1994.

And here we go again with another virus de jour—the Zika— with on-and off-line media propaganda machines at full throttle fear mongering the genetically modified, mosquito-transported “Zika virus” as the culprit causing microcephaly in newborn Brazilians.
By omission, these carnival barkers and town criers and pitchmen imply no one like the World “Health” Organization or the Gates and Rockefeller foundations or the bankers and the UN the own along with the world’s money and media outlets or anyone in the “new world order” that’s on record as wanting to reduce earth’s population so they can save the planet’s resources (for themselves), and who seek to develop passive, stupid, propaganda (MSM) addled, subservient Goyim to work for them while they live out their lives scrumptiously on a depopulated planet . . . well . . . had anything to do with the Brazilian Tdap jab/experiment.

No, nothing of that sort here. Move along now. We have a world to vaccinate and save from disease and death . . .

Was curious as to where the Zika virus came from and . . . . Oh! . . . wait a minute . . . a patent . . .
Even the Brazilians aren’t buying Zika as the cause for 4,000 babies with shrunken brains
And now anti-Zika explanations keep appearing alongside Bill Gates’ mosquitos

Zika freakout: the hoax and the covert op continue
Is the “dreaded” Zika virus another giant scam?

With populations in developed countries nose-diving, China now unable to maintain its population after its one child disaster, and the average Indian family down to 2. something, why are the Wizards of Oz running around the planet trying to sterilize and hasten the demise of people with poison vaccines and genetically modified food?

If Oz did nothing, the biggest problem the majority of the planet’s countries will have by the year 2050 will be replacing themselves.