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In 2011, Hillary Clinton admitted that the US was losing the information war to alternative media outlets of all stripes. Yes, I can see that this would be a huge concern to persons of her caliber who rely on fake news stories that prop up the establishment with disinformation. But that was back in 2011.

As we enter into 2016 and the new world of alternative-Internet-media, (AiM), a more solid truth built upon credible facts and better sources becomes a huge threat to corrupt
governments and agendas, and also the mainstream media machine, (i.e., TV news, the morning papers, and some popular magazines.) These outlets, who are the gods of disinformation, are now scrambling for readership as millions of people are flocking to alternative news sources which have a fresh investigative journalistic approach and where more credibility rises to the surface, so that the truth becomes a beacon of light which cuts through the darkness.

On the other hand, if people who read the morning paper which reflects standardized reporting, they will see very quickly that in most cases, major points are only someones opinions instead of facts, and at the same time there is still another side to a news story which may be censorship. There are endless examples of this, such as the Fast and Furious debacle or the Bundy sit-in and protest in Burns, Oregon.

There are central facts that are being censored in an effort to make the government and law enforcement look good, and in this case, make the Bundy group look bad.

On another note, the world news stories, more often than not, come from the Reuters/Associated Press source(AP) which has actually been traced to the Rothshchild’s media dynasty. AP prefers to gloss over the facts and conveniently slants and plants their own political bias within the news.

What else is new?

Often, there is an attempt to generally favor the U.S. Government and treat a protesting and freedom loving public as second rate citizens who should regularly be bowing down to the authoritarian rule of the police state.

Now then, here’s the latest. The “elite’s” are in a panic mode as their control of the information age is losing ground, and quite rapidly, I may add. Because of this, Google, our self appointed Ministry of Truth, is now on a frantic mission to determine the
“truth” of those controversial internet subjects and “rank” search results accordingly.

Will they begin with Alex Jones and Infowars?

What if Snowden had a website? Will Google block the link?

Also, “New Scientist”, a website actually broke the Google story with an article explaining that Google wants to rank websites and billions of web pages based on “facts? That is truly unrealistic. And even if it could be done, remember this. Is not Google and many other major Silicon Valley firms in bed with the DOD and/or the CIA and/or the NSA?

As a final note, when it comes to reading the news, logic must be the common denominator when arriving at the truth before a person can come to an accurate conclusion.

“Sherlock Holmes determined that the gun which had the slain man’s
fingerprints on it was not a suicide, because the owner of the gun had
been traced to his brother who was in line to inherit a large fortune, and
that money would go to him after the death of his own brother.”

A lone thumb print of the victim’s brother was found on the barrel of the

House of Lords: America in the Balance
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