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Tamarack Lake photo1                                                Tamarack Lake

As “we the people” entered into the year 2016 and beyond, were they aware of the plague that was consuming our country? It came at first as a black cloud creeping along the city streets and then entered through the crevices of our windows and doors and finally made its way into the very rooms of our houses. It began to sedate the masses into a near slumber but then retreated and continued following a path to higher ground. I followed the cloud as it rose above the hills and then began to touch the waters, the lakes and the rivers. It continued then to the higher elevations and to the utmost parts of the wilderness areas. There, the cloud stayed for a very long time over the vast Sierra Nevada Mountains until a mighty wind began to take it eastward.

Now, I was on a quest to find out a lot more about this strange phenomenon. Besides the cloud, there were other factors responsible for another findings that began to surface in my investigation.  A trail of total devastation had found its way to the deepest parts of the sea to where 1/3 of all living things had died. While this fact had been covered up by government and the mainstream news, another gigantic black cloud spread out for hundreds of miles and continued to engulf hundreds of cities, thousands of factories and countless places of business which were all then forced to close. As the plague reached the Central Valley, the massive network of waterways from the Sacramento Delta down to Bakersfield, began to trickle away and then thousands of orchard trees began to die. The devastation was overwhelming but then I made another observation.

The cloud, after hovering over the rivers that flowed down from the Sierra’s, were all void of any fish or any other forms of life. Finally, I climbed to a high point to where I could see the mountains and valleys and in every direction I saw that there was a vast amount of cedars, pines and firs which had died either from the plague or from the many wildfires which had now parched the landscape. I estimated that at least 1/3 of all of the trees were either dead, dying or turned to ash.

Great sorrow came upon the people as the plague had struck to the very heart of the state, but also it was now affecting other parts of America to where much of the country lie in ruin. Many people reasoned in their minds and they asked one another about the plague yet most people could not understand exactly why it had all transpired. Some thought the clouds were weapons of mass destruction while others thought it was a massive amount of CO2.

But then I reasoned in my own mind and I began to connect the dots. Did this vast plague and the devastation that it left, actually be a product of a sinister agenda that had been part of a master plan to cause a crises that had been secretly made for the sake of ushering in an unconstitutional form of government?

Now, for all of our readers out there, this story above began as a novel but now I am sorry to inform you that the devastation in the story wasn’t fiction and it is actually happening and it is not a cloud after all.  The photo above which is Tamarack Lake is located in the lower part of Desolation Valley in the Sierra’s. It is one of seven lakes above Echo Lake, CA. which have zero trout. With the exception of Echo Lake, the fish were all eradicated beginning in 2008 in all seven lakes by the federal government, and this was compliments of the Fish & Wildlife Agency in order to save the yellow-legged frog which, incidentally, has never returned to these lakes. But there are numerous other lakes and streams in the Sierra’s that are experiencing the same plight of eradication to where a million acres of forest land in these mountains could be affected which includes Tahoe National Forest. As for the fish in the oceans, they are dying by the hundreds of thousands worldwide and washing up on beaches.

Now, with regard to my reference of the plight of the Central Valley, it is all true and though the rivers are flowing down the western slope of the Sierra’s, there was zero allocation of water provided to the private farmers that were south of the Delta last summer.

Consequently over a million acres of farmland now lie fallow.

Throw this in with the thousands of U.S. factories that have closed because of the trade imbalance, when those same products could have been made in America and kept on our own shores. And it is true, a major transformation is happening and it is now up to the people to stop this plague and the major crises that has been created by none other than the nonprofit enviros and a group of radical Federal Government leaders which the people mistakenly put into office at the voting booth.

As for the directors of the state and local agencies and the city and county administrators, they have also been an accomplice in creating this monster. They are the major players in destroying public and private land, the habitat, and the livelihood of the people. Save the earth groups are no longer known for environmentalism.They are now known for their 100 million dollar/plus assets and their many legal attacks and eco-terrorism which has deprived millions of people of their land rights and now their water rights.