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5:00 pm PST … 6:00 pm MST … 7:00 pm CST … 8:00 pm EST

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Hosted by Debbie Dahmer


Special Guest will be Jane Velez-Mitchell/  Nationally known TV Journalist and best-selling author. She covers against people and against animals. Jane speaks out for the voiceless.

*~* Happy New Year 2016!! Let’s ROCK the Animals World with Positive Actions for Positive Futures for our furry and four legged friends in need. WE CAN DO IT! Let’s ALL bring 2016 in with a BANG for all the animals. Takes TEAMWORK To See Any VICTORIES!! *~*
Nationally known as a TV and Multimedia Journalist, Jane landed the website JaneUnchained, to give a voice to the many voiceless members of our society. Talking about everything from marine captivity issues to cruelty to farm animals. Jane’s mission is to pick up where mainstream media leaves off to help raise awareness for the animal rights movement.
After a stellar career in traditional broadcast journalism, Jane is wholeheartedly embracing new media – and she’s doing it in the service of what she calls “the social justice movement of the 21st century”.
ALL Lives Matter including all the animals and ALL Voices Matter!! Please JOIN Jane in this animal rights movement for what is RIGHT, not what is WRONG for the animals. ALL animals should be treated with DIGNITY and RESPECT! All animal rights should be GRANTED not VIOLATED!! Be a Voice for the Voiceless! We are the animals only hope to carry on. Please do your part! Thank You!~~
~WELCOME BACK JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL To Voices Carry for Animals # 71 With Honor! ~