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Central Communist governments are bad for your health, wealth, life, and don’t work.
Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, and the other Bolshevik hydra-heads looted millions, lived like kings the remainder of their lives, and stuffed hundreds of millions into Europe’s Zionist’s vaults who’d bankrolled them to oust the Tsar and takeover of the 1917 Russian revolution. 10155281_461153860682070_1662322543_n

The killing of an estimated 140 + million men, women, and children circa 1917-1944 followed.

Ever read about that in your history books?

Know that Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote two volumes about these killers more than a decade ago that has been blocked from English translation ? Reason: Descendants of the Bolshevik financiers still run the financial puppet show. They don’t want countries they’re in the process of attempting to take down to put a face on a true enemy. (America’s Constitution was a toughie for them. Hence their use of Administrative law that was written into the Environmental Protection Act [nodded through in 1970 by a dozing congress] to later begin seizure of private property with EPA “rules and regulations” that carried fines and imprisonment for “violators” in federal courts.)

They’d rather the public not focus on a world socialist central government.

The lie and façade (why Castro, who had billions tucked away offshore, always wore fatigues) is an important part of these financial Wizards of Oz strategy. Doable when you control the world’s media (all propaganda outlets), money (estimated two-thirds of the planet’s worth) , bullets, guns, armies, governments (controlled with money these banksters print for strategic nations through their 150 central banks located in those countries) for the cost of paper, ink, and press-time; that, once printed or a ledger entry is made, is “loaned” to the country at face value and perpetual interest until corrupt politicians, officials, and confederates—placed inside the nation’s treasury and financial posts for an extra handful—bankrupt the nation and the country forfeits its natural resource collateral (gold, silver, minerals, oil, gas, land; you know, real money, real assets) to these bankers.

This global financial tribe does not look at other humans as human or have allegiance with any nation. Their juice is money, control, power and the perpetuation thereof. Their DNA and spiritual source are different. They are without heart, soul, conscience, and worship a different god.

Some have referred to them as “. . . misguided and suicidal.”

No, these bankers are neither misguided nor suicidal. Their funds are used to initiate chaos like the cross-water flotilla that’s ferrying fighting-age Muslim men (some with families) into Europe, and facilitating others entrance into the U.S. (We’re witnessing the attempted take-down of both.) Clandestine weapons will find their way into an unarmed Europe. Mexico, where citizens are (“lawfully”) unarmed, is the poster child.

The Paris “attack” was martial law run up a flag pole to see if the population would sit still for it long enough to keep protesters away from the Paris Climate Conference for the “. . .safety of the dignitaries and attendees.”

So far it’s working.

Convenient, that Paris “terrorist attack”.

And the summit?

Has nothing to do with climate change or the environment. It’s about the establishment, funding, and the first direct nation-state control mechanism (a carbon tax) by the UN that will help underwrite a world government base and structure. Worded different but written into the treaty. Or whatever is signed in Paris.

Funding for a world government is the key.

A CO2 tax on all nations will be the first source.

A UN Carbon Tax Police or similar agency will be “authorized” to by-pass national laws and

collect from scofflaws who don’t pay up for this non-issue if a treaty or agreement “passes”.

Conveniently, estimated CO2/greenhouse gas emissions by each nation have been predetermined.

Take livestock, for example. Here’s a [read: globalist’s] quick reference chart that tells you how much CO2/methane your livestock are emitting/contributing to (pick one) global warming/climate change/greenhouse gasses. Same for coal-fired plants, etc.
Source: Environmental Working Group, “Meat eater’s guide to climate change and health”, 2011

It follows taxes will be assessed accordingly based on the number of livestock raised?/cooked?/eaten? by a farmer, rancher, people, nation?

ryssYou can’t make this stuff up.

China gets to keep polluting because they told the UN socialists they won’t sign a treaty that impoverishes their citizens who’ve made a little walking around money with capitalism.
“Go along with us and sign this thing and we’ll give you a bye.” Wink, nod. “Look, we’re all communists now . . .”
Or words to that effect.

Anything signed by Obama at the Paris meeting must be approved by the Senate.
Obama says he doesn’t need the Senate’s approval ; that he has the authority under the Clean Air Act and the United Nations Framework on Climate Change signed by former President George H.W. Bush to commit; that any deal/pact/agreement/treaty he signs onto at the conference isn’t a treaty because it’s not legally binding, even though it may legally bind the U.S. to a process.

A process?

You mean a predetermined CO2 emitting tax due the UN annually that’ll be used to lay the groundwork for a world government bureaucracy? Oz isn’t saying much about the process. Only that it wouldn’t bind signatories to an outcome. What kind of an outcome? Specific emissions targets, maybe? Which are a non-issue anyway?

Sooo. . . it’s okay to start a mandatory world government CO2 climate tax and if we don’t meet the UN emissions standard to lower that tax [which would lower our amount of our predetermined carbon emission taxes due] well, give it the old college try again next year. But don’t miss your UN emissions tax payment. Vee haft climate police we can send to your nation to collect and a world court to take you to—forget about your laws—if you don’t pay.

Central governments don’t work.

Thirty Republican senators introduced a sense-of-the-Senate resolution in November 2015 that said, essentially, anything signed at the Paris Climate Change Conference had to be submitted to the senate for advice and consent. Absent that, they will not budget money for the U.N.’s fund to “. . . fight climate change.”

Prior to that, S. Res. 98 was introduced and passed 95-0 by the Senate June 1997. It said (verbatim):
‘ . . . Declares that the United States should not be a signatory to any protocol to, or other agreement regarding, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change of 1992, at negotiations in Kyoto in December 1997 or thereafter (my emphasis) which would:
(1) Mandate new commitments to limit or reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the Annex 1 Parties, unless the protocol or other agreement also mandates new specific scheduled commitments to limit or reduce greenhouse gas emissions for Developing Country Parties within the same compliance period; or
(2) Result in serious harm to the U.S. economy.
Calls for any such protocol or other agreement which would require the advice and consent of the Senate to ratification to be accompanied by:
(1) A detailed explanation of any legislation or regulatory actions that may be required to implement it; and
(2) An analysis of the detailed financial costs which would be incurred by, and other impacts on, the U.S. economy.
What are the odds of the Senate approving something Obama signs at the Paris Climate Conference?

Could turn on the amount of mare’s milk they get for Christmas.

Hopefully, not.