new-logo25 James Hufferd, Ph.D.

Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


“So, there were (are) these violent terrorists. No doubt. But WHOSE terrorists are they? Who, exactly, is organizing and funding and training them? Who are they ultimately working for, and toward what end?”


I think an important aspect to keep in mind about the act of terrorism that was 9/11 is that it was the first modern instance of what I would call terrorism to “turn the page”. Of course, the planet is fairly vast, and not all so-characterized terrorist attacks are interrelated or related in any direct way to 9/11. But even so, a rash of earlier attacks such as the Khobaruntitled,,, Towers and embassy bombings, the USS Cole attack, probably Centennial Park bombing, and certainly the 1993 WTC bombing, among slews of others, were preparatory, creating an at least subliminal public “awareness” setting the stage for 9/11/2001.

9/11 itself was used to successfully turn the page for the world away from primarily civilian aspirations to concentrate on military mobilization and the girding of loins necessary to strike at designated adversaries. The template re-implanted then was a very old one, dating at least from the dread of the Saxons and the colonial Indians, good guys vs. fiendish and subhuman bad guys. More recently, Huns and East Asians, aggressive Nazis and Commies, now “radical Islamists”. At first, the Islamic terrorists’ alleged goal was to get the U.S. military out of Saudi Arabia, the sacred space. After 9/11, it was suddenly expanded to be to determinedly smash the whole western world and annihilate us all.

So, there were (are) these violent terrorists. No doubt. But WHOSE terrorists are they? Who, exactly, is organizing and funding and training them? Who are they ultimately working for, and toward what end? That is the taboo question—the one entirely missing from the completely controlled western mainline media. Because, it’s just to be assumed that they are a self-organized, self-funded, self-motivated and self-started force: the “bad guys”, pure and simple!

The evidence is, though, that it’s a false message and that their attacks – as brutal as they do seem – are more manifestations of false-flag terrorism used to cow and ensnare the world and make war and the worldwide war footing perpetually all-absorbing, paralyzing, dazzlingly profit-making, and consolidating of control over the controllers’ real designated adversary, the world’s people. Every other mode or entity of organization and potential claimant of loyalty besides the hidden imperial power-that-be – the New World Order/way of the world – is to be ultimately anathema or minimalized (remember the imperative of the Roman Empire?) It’s “full-spectrum dominance” X 7 continents with 7+ billion sad-sack dependents.

     All of this is achievable only by total deception – “By deception we shall make war.”

9/11 was to switch world attention back to “good guys vs. bad guys” and, most regrettably necessary militarism as a focus. With the very latest terrorist attacks (and especially with the propaganda media’s intense, wall-to-wall response), a second shoe has dropped. The focus now is on forcefully introducing the template for a World War such as has been cogently predicted for some time now by Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research among others. The idea is to place the current designated “bad guys” (ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State) firmly into the bad-guy enemy slot – of course, safely controlled, financed, and trained essentially with U.S./NATO resources, as several of the observant research articles I have recently posted on this web site have explained and documented. (That the same was identically true with al-Qaeda and before that, Abu-Nidal, and earlier, the syndrome of Gladio remains, for the time being, a bit more widely recognized).

But again, the true recognized enemy (read, victim in this case) of the psychopathic criminals who have wrested and forged full control in the west is the peopleall the rest of us. So, the best way we can oppose and defeat the subtle but total tyranny coming down on us is by not accepting the propaganda/ disinformation about the world war against terrorism and its constituting events going forward from 9/11 into away beyond the foreseeable future, like the current Paris attacks, to get European allies firmly and angrily on the train this time, preferably in the first cars, where Americans, who have largely had it, really don’t want to be anymore.

As I also indicated in my own previous articles, the Republican primary voters in the U.S. (and a portion of the Democratic voters) are showing us the way at present by repudiating media determination of their favorites – whether they’re choosing a good vessel for their non-acceptance of control by the establishment or not.

The controlled media is trying hard right now 24/7, to install the World War template of permanent (fake) global civil war between the good and bad guys. The “bad guys” ARE bad and to be feared reasonably; but it is really the controllers of these agents and assets who are to be feared far more.  Because, later on, other already –fingered enemies can be plugged into the active war template – Assad (of course), the Russians, Iran, China, whomever. And the media can announce the follow-on already-nominated or not-yet-nominated inclusions in a timely manner.

But the media is supposed to be, since the time of the American Revolutionary Era, the essential informant of the people, who must, it is said, be well-informed to make good decisions in a popular sovereignty setting. But now, the people must reject the controlled media’s lies to such an extreme extent that the continually lying media is already very seriously languishing in influence and going broke as an enterprise and simply must adjust to supplying the truth in order to merit and re-elicit a degree of public support necessary both to remain in useful operation as such and coincidentally engender awareness again and rebirth the citizenship responsibilities necessary to recapture governments.

It’s not impossible for that to happen. We just have to pound and pound and pound our counter-message that the media’s message is not just unreliable, it’s totally and calculatedly bogus.  In the meantime, our habitual blaming the victim (run-of-the-mill people) will not accomplish this, or any other worthwhile objective, any more than blaming the quasi-Islamic patsies, pathetic as they are will.

And, odd you didn’t hear a word about President Kennedy in the midst of all the roar this year, did you?

     Again, and always – Tell the world!!!!!