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Callin # 917-388-4520

Hosted by Debbie Dahmer


Guests will be : Barbara Lovett – Administrator of Save Nosey NOW on Facebook & Animal Rights Advocate & helped develop a website for Nosey the elephant www.savenoseynow.org. Also joining us : Robin Vitulle- Animal Rights Advocate & Administrator on Save Nosey Now.

Nosey the elephant needs all of our help now for her to retire to a sanctuary. Nosey has been alleged to have health problems, including but not limited to arthritis, chronic diarrhea, degenerative joint disease, and long- standing, unmanaged hyperkeratosis. Forced to perform, much of Nosey’s life has been spent performing in circuses across the United States. On top of elephant rides and confined living spaces, this can cause further stress to her health and psychological wellbeing.

Forced to Give Rides- Despite her obvious health ailments, Nosey is forced to give elephant rides in between performances. This causes further strain for her arthritis.

Exposure to Extreme Temperatures- Nosey is exposed to extreme temperatures while on the road, traveling and performing through locations such as Texas during the summer months. She travels in a badly ventilated trailer and performs in heat as high as 100 degrees.

Violations of the Animal Welfare Act: Nosey’s owner has been cited by the USDA for 30 direct violations and over 200 citations to the Animal Welfare Act.


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