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What knowledgeable historians do best when determining what destroys prosperous and peaceable nations is that they look at probable factors that appear to be the root cause. Through the years historians have analyzed the downfall of Rome or in recent times the downfall of Russia under the Czar, but then later, the fall of the Soviet Union.

10352400_719960171400706_1129601233255080873_nIt is reasonable to assume that historians who find key factors responsible for a nation’s downfall have the likelihood of being able to predict the fall of another country that experiences some kind of hardship which may have been fueled by certain kinds of serious turmoil.

Sweden is one such county which is now suffering greatly from the influx of immigrant Muslims coming from various countries. While immigration in the last 100 years has mostly worked, even in America, the volatile character of many of the Muslim people, causes some of them to be violent and then to riot.  As recently as 2013 and 2014 cities in Sweden have become the victim of a model that has not worked and at the same time created much unrest.

Now, in October of 2015, the latest Swedish Muslim refugee riots, including the torching of cars and buses and setting fires was totally ignored in a U.S. media blackout while Sweden’s next door neighbor, Norway is exporting hundreds of Muslims back to Afghanistan for the very same reasons that Sweden is now experiencing.

One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to conclude that welcoming a class of people into one’s country who are all ready to set cities ablaze is not acceptable and these immigrants all need to be sent back to where they came from or countries such as Sweden will risk destabilization.

These are the points that historians try to share.

If a nation is to survive it must carefully choose the kinds of people that can coexist peacefully with others, lest the nation be brought down through violent upheaval. Is America next in line as they follow the European nations?

Sweden’s immigrant policy(2015) for this month didn’t exactly turn out to be another October Fest because “the country’s proud claim that it is a template for a successful and ethnically diverse society” just crashed.

“The latest violence has included grenade attacks in clashes between Turkish and Kurdish immigrants, who have carried over their ancient rivalry inside their new adopted country of Sweden.”
(World Net Daily)

However, other ethnic factors continue to fuel Sweden’s unrest while major trouble spreads to their other cities, placing the entire country at a crossroads.

Paul McGuire who co-authored the book, “The Babylon Code”  refers to the use of “militant Islamic groups to destroy social cohesion and use them as tools to increase totalitarian measures under the pretense of managing the chaos.” He also said, “Once social cohesion and a sense of national identity have been shattered, the next phase is to destroy independent nation states in favor of a UN-style global government.”

History is our template which is meant to avoid such a sinister agenda being brought on by those powers at be and the New World Order/Shadow Elite.

House of Lords: America in the Balance
Charles W. Frank
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