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Although,  there were a few UN goals at this September’s General Assembly Summit in New York that struck a lost chord but rang somewhat clear, I still did not hear the “ring” of the “liberty bell.” But that’s all well and good when it comes to globalism and the “good the whole” and especially so when it is no longer important to protect natural rights and individual freedoms.  What is strongly evident here is an international encroachment upon basic human unalienable rights, whereby total control is administered by the nationalistic demigods. Shall we invite North Korea and company to the party with a few other totalitarian states?

At the UN roundup, 196 countries voted in favor of going forward with 17 “major goals” and a UN worldwide agenda, which includes controlling CO2 levels to prevent the earth’s temperatures from rising.  But scientists are NOT addressing the potential of future natural climatic factors that would cause a true warming trend where the sun gets unusually hot. That would very well cloud the CO2 statistics while the people of the world would still be paying trillions in taxes to cool a planet that cannot be cooled whether CO2 levels are targeted or not.

Here’s a recap and more of what went on at the UN gathering. General Assembly President Mogens Lykketoft called the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development “ambitious” in confronting the injustices of poverty, marginalization and discrimination.  “We recognize the need to reduce inequalities and to protect our common home by changing unsustainable patterns of consumption and production. And, we identify the overwhelming need to address the politics of division, corruption and irresponsibility that fuel conflict and hold back development.”

Did you see that reference to corruption?  If anyone is corrupt it is the major players behind the UN agenda. But, what is behind the “unsustainable patterns of consumption and production?” If that includes getting rid of cars, A/C and heating while also banning the use of fossil fuels, along with burning wood in one’s own fireplace, then the price and/or the loss of home comfort and travel will increase enormously while extra taxation and EPA types of fines upon the nation states and/or consumers will directly affect the bank accounts of the middle and upper classes.

This present agenda will go hand and hand with the UN’s greater good, “grand plan” which includes the redistribution of the wealth to poorer nations but also to regulators and also those countries that do not know how to manage their own people or their economies. Take Greece’s bankruptcy for an example or even Europe’s out of control immigration fiasco.

Also, because of going green, not less but more poverty will actually be generated than ever before, while civil unrest will continue until the tyrannical New World Order grand plan comes into play. On the horizon will be more attempts at gun control, greater hi-tech surveillance and massive data collection, all done in order to track 7 billion people.

But I have a serious question.

Who will keep track of the trackers and all of the laws that they are breaking?

There will be no winners in this corrupted mix except for the super rich, big government and the corporations such as Monsanto, General Electric, Apple, Microsoft, Big Pharma, universities and many others who will reap the benefits of going green and climbing aboard the globalist’s agenda along with all of the mandates that will be generated through the UN, the banking cartel, and finally big government.

The cashless society will also be born and those who DO NOT wish to conform to the new regime’s endgame and those meager handouts such as the EBT card-food-supplements, free medical services and other minimal carrots, will have their cards, cellphones, A/C etc. turned off. It will no longer be a world of freedom or choice but only a collective agenda of no tolerance. regulations, conformity and the World Court.  There will be no mercy while religion will be tossed aside for the world’s elite’s definition of the “greater good.”

Welcome to the prison planet. Surprise, surprise.

Now ask yourselves, will the U.S. which tops the charts with the most prisoners behind bars(per capita) in the entire world be giving us a “better world” by being part of the up and coming UN global agenda and mandates? Yes, there’s big trouble in paradise, but at the same time there was a standing ovation in the halls of the UN gathering at the conclusion of the September summit.

I’m glad I missed it.

I recall, there are those who are always willing to give up their freedom for a few morsels. Let us never be one of them.
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