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Hour 1: Wade Ayer: 

A letter to Congressman Glen Grothman of WI

For the past 2 years, i have been working with State Representative Christine Sinicki on Assembly Bill 255, which offers surgical patients the right to have their procedure video and audio recorded. the purpose of this proposed law is to protect patients and medical staff should accusations of malpractice arise.

As the founder of The National Organization for Medical Malpractice victims I scheduled a meeting with Congressman Glen Grothman. This meeting was scheduled for August 21, 2015 in his Fond Du Lac office. I have been preparing for this meeting for well over a month.

On Thursday August 20, 2015 I received a call from an aide in his office, who explained that the congressman was canceling the meeting because he needed time to prepare. He had well over a month to “prepare”.

The aide also explained that they didn’t know who was coming to the meeting, which made the congressman uncomfortable. I explained it would be just myself and Mr. Chris Nowakowski, whose wife died of possible malpractice at a Wisconsin hospital. Why is the Congressman afraid to meet with the people he was elected to represent?

One has to wonder why he is suddenly afraid to meet with us? Did he get directions from a lobbyist or some other special interest?

This meeting was meant to educate policymakers on an issue that is extremely important to my family and families across the State of Wisconsin, It’s unfortunate that the Congressman has chosen to dodge, deflect and downright ignore this discussion.

I was truly hoping that he would be professional and follow the example of Congressman Reid Ribble and take the time to learn.

Below, find the list of both National and International interest in this story.


Wade Ayer


Hour 2: Christine Sinicki on Assembly Bill 255  WI

  • Mission: To bring National attention regarding Medical Practice. Please read: “The Who’s Next Club-A cosmetic surgery disaster”
  • This page is to have the victims tell their story & be heard, and what Malpractice really means. Here is a question we ask society: How reckless does it have to be before a Doctor before it is criminally charged? How many protocols does a Doctor break before it is deemed criminal, if ever. If law wouldn’t prosecute this case, law won’t prosecute any medical malpractice death. I want your stories. http://www.nmmaa.org/   The primary goal of the National Association for Medical Malpractice Victims, Inc. is to build and foster a culture of philanthropy and create social change.

Medical mistakes are the 3rd leading cause of death in the US
The National Association for Medical Malpractice Victims, Inc. seeks to enact a comprehensive intervention plan aimed at creating and maintaining a culture of patient safety.  As an advocate for social justice, The National Association for Medical Malpractice Victims, Inc. (NAMMV) empowers the community through education and opportunities for activism.
NAMMV is a groundbreaking initiative that changes despair into hope



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