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Valerie Balandra ARNP, BC

Valerie Balandra ARNP, BC is board certified as a psychiatric nurse practitioner and is also a holistic functional medicine practitioner. She graduated from SUNY at Stony Brook with a Masters Degree in Nursing. She has advanced training in functional medicine and has been practicing in the field of psychiatric nursing for over twenty years. She met her husband of 22 years at a Florida psychiatric hospital where they were both working. Valerie started Integrative Psychiatry in 2000 after becoming frustrated with the current practice of just treating symptoms with medication and not addressing the underlying issues.

She considers herself a mind-body detective, finding clues as to the cause of your symptoms. Her areas of expertise are neurotransmitter imbalance, targeted amino acid therapy, psychopharmacology, adrenal fatigue, orthomolecular psychiatry, and natural treatments. She has written numerous articles on natural cures for depression and anxiety and was interviewed on that topic on a national radio health program.


Integrative Psychiatry is a psychiatric and functional medicine practice located in Sarasota Florida and is owned and operated by Valerie Balandra ARNP, BC. We strive to identify and treat the underlying cause(s) and contributors to symptoms of depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.

Our functional medicine approach involves identifying core imbalances which affect the brain and body network. We realize that there is no separating the brain and the body. What affects the body affects your brain.


contact: ppj1@hush.com