By Gerald Boland


When Gerald Boland and Mary Jane Snell complain to hospital MEMORIAL MEDICAL CENTER (MMC), Las Cruces about accommodations and care; MMC’s alleged retaliation is to maliciously petition (THIRD JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT) for guardianship! Guardian’s Sandy Meyer and Alaina Johnson (dba ADVOCATE SERVICES OF LAS CRUCES, LLC) immediately take dictatorial control to permanently separate-isolate Mary from Gerald.

Hospital MMC misuses Gerald’s information about Mary’s fear (phobia-panic) of medical scene as a risk-management ploy to divert attention away from negligence allegations by Mary and Gerald. MMC hires a cadre to falsely diagnose Mary incapacitated, appoint guardians, and commit victim to nursing home where they sadistically, knowingly, induce sustained mental-emotional-panic, trauma, and deep-deep-depression, crying, and forced separation!

Mary asked the (unnecessary) appointed guardian Sandy Meyer, “why are you doing this to me, what did I ever do to you?” A logical woman’s question, being abruptly swept away to a nursing home!

Sagecrest Nursing & Rehab disregards Mary’s reported fall on January 31, 2015, guardians disrespect Mary with indifference to her strongly spoken desire to be released to come home and resume life. Guardian’s indifference, court’s indifference, Guardian ad Litem’s indifference, court visitor’s indifference and psychologist’s indifference weakens Mary by design.

Elder abuse, false diagnosis, hypnotic-psychotropic medications that double mortality and can induce a cardiac-arrest, and false confinement that deliberately traumatize Mary, continues since January 21, 2015! Mary is competent at home and elsewhere, only meds for hypertension and allergies, just scared-panicked around doctors, hospitals, and nursing homes.

This is the worst form of colorable legal/medical malpractice! Forced abduction, forced confinement, forced medications, forced separation from significant other; guardians hypothecate (steal) and liquidate all property! Mary’s name securitized for more theft in Court Registry Investment System ((CRIS) Accounts and (CUSIP) accounts)) using Treasury-Direct accounts to exploit and transfer wealth from Mary. A forensic-criminal-audit must be performed!

Community (Baptist and SDA) Pastors please urgently help! Call to speak with Mary Jane Snell at Sagecrest 1-575-522-7000 and visit her (Room 115). She needs lots of reassuring hugs, love, and prayers! Yes America! Judicial-medical malpractice enabled ‘woman-stealing’ in America! This evil must cease! COMMUNITY CALL AND PASTOR VISITS REQUESTED

What can the community do?

Phone Judges and State Guardianship Program Administrator! Let’s free Mary Jane Snell from misdiagnosis and false-imprisonment! There’re verifiable ‘allegations’ of Judicial misconduct, Guardianship abuse, mind destroying medical-Quackery, Nursing Home negligence, and State Administrator(s) neglect; hereafter (JGQNHSA) wrongdoers harming Mary!

I humbly ask all caring people, to please help free Mary! Respectfully call/leave messages pleading Mary’s freedom and dismissal of cases D-307-PQ-2015-00003 and D-307-CV-2015-00133! Call Third Judicial District Judge(s) James T. Martin 1-575-523-8292 and Judge Manuel I. Arrieta 1-575-523-8225 assistants’ and Marina A. Cordova, Supervising Attorney & Guardianship Program Manager, Developmental Disabilities Planning Council (DDPC), Office of Guardianship (OOG) 1-505-841-4586 ( to cease and desist all abuses, judicial indifference, willful error, impropriety and constructive fraud.

Mary’s continued nursing home false-imprisonment defines the insidious explicit and implicit forms that JGQNHSA coordination takes on. People calling for Mary’s freedom demonstrates the grounds in law and precedent, affirming that by JGQNHSA coordinated wrongdoing — judges are the most vulnerable to impropriety, cover-up, and conflict of interests.

Judges do cover-up for each other! In the last 226 years since the creation of the Federal Judiciary in 1789, only 8 of its judges were removed from the bench!
People phoning, investigating, and exposing wrongdoing — reveals judicial dishonesty, indicts judicial credibility to impartial application of law; and refutes proclaimed institutional responsibility for the integrity of the Judiciary and of legal process. Calling them will give publicity to review their decisions damaging Mary.

JGQNHSA’s deliberate-knowing but not stopping wrongs damaging Mary are ‘accessories after the fact!’ Moreover, by giving implicit or explicit reassurance that JGQNHSA wrongdoers will not condemn and report their wrongdoing to we the people, other authorities, or the media eliminates deterrence of adverse consequences to the commission of more wrongdoing; JGQNHSA become ‘accessories before the fact!’

“Wrongdoing” and “coordinated wrongdoing” as opposed to “corruption” encompass more conduct and impose a lower burden of proof to be borne by civil-criminal investigations. Mary’s false confinement at Sagecrest Nursing and Rehabilitation, L.C., is Elder Abuse, against her will, over her objections and without consent. Please make that call! Everyone’s freedom and property are at risk for such a misused method of diagnosis with legalese rubber-word “incapacitated.”