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We do limit ourselves to denying the [Palestinian] people human rights. We not only rob of them of their freedom, land and water. We apply collective punishment to millions of people and even, in revenge‑driven frenzy, destroy the electricity supply for one and half million civilians. Let them “sit in the darkness” and“starve.”

What will history say about today’s genocide of the Palestinians, and our refusal to intervene and stop this massacre? Not as a matter of politics, not even as a matter of religion……….but as a matter of humanity.


I am an America first, person. My allegiance and loyalty is to the same. I truly believe that you cannot serve two masters.

My position on this is specifically:

If you are not 100% for the United States of America, and if you are so divided in your allegiances that 46365_469061176467134_1418529321_nyou will put the interests, welfare and well-being of another country, any other country, ahead of the U.S., then please, by all means, take yourself there now!

What are you doing here?

Religion and politics use the same method of operation. People collect into groups either in religion and/or political philosophies, that supposedly all think and believe the same things. Then, once collected the group is told there is a (devil) a (foreign terrorist) a boogy man of sorts who has harmed them and wants to harm them again and now……..lets go kill them before they kill us. Constantly presenting your gathered believers with enemies to focus them on, is key to either system. What would God be without a [devil]? What would Republicans or Democrats be, without the other?

What would Israel be without the Arabs?

First: I have no issue with Israel. I do not engage in the “I hate the Jews” dialogue or thinking. I am not afraid of the Jewish people although I have been warned repeatedly, that I should be. I do not believe they are some form of alien race, as others have opined. I do not believe that the Jewish leaders eat babies for lunch, engage in satanic blood rituals and sacrifice virgins, nor do I believe that the true, pure Jews, the actual Hebrews, have their budding horns removed at birth. I do not believe they are an evil population, hellbent on destroying everyone but themselves, although some Israeli’s and some others who are not, may aspire to this.

I refuse to be so desperate to paint the Jewish people negatively, that in the attempts to justify my fears I would actually include denying the holocaust of WW2. My issue with the narrative on the holocaust is that it centers on the Jews to the virtual exclusion of all others who were part of the mass genocide, but by far, not all. Millions and millions of non-Jews were murdered along with them. And no one was so selective in this purging of disposable humanity to care whether they were actually Jewish or not. But if they were, it helped the Nazi cause and helped to keep the German people rallied around one targeted enemy.

The genocide touched every community, every religion, and every individual who got in the way of the German Army and the Third Reich. If you were not Aryan, you just simply had no value. An estimated 13-20 million were killed by the Germans, Germans included, depending on who is doing the reporting. But the fact remains, if one person, regardless of race, religion or politics died, it was one too many.

The genocidal policies of the Nazis resulted in the deaths of about as many Polish Gentiles as Polish Jews, thus making them co-victims in a Forgotten Holocaust. This Holocaust has been largely ignored because historians who have written on the subject of the Holocaust have chosen to interpret the tragedy in exclusivistic terms–namely, as the most tragic period in the history of the Jewish Diaspora. To them, the Holocaust was unique to the Jews, and they therefore have had little or nothing to say about the nine million Gentiles, including three million Poles, who also perished in the greatest tragedy the world has ever known. Little wonder that many people who experienced these events share the feeling of Nobel Laureate Czeslaw Milosz, who anxious when the meaning of the word Holocaust undergoes gradual modifications, so that the word begins to belong to the history of the Jews exclusively, as if among the victims there were not also millions of Poles, Russians, Ukrainians, and prisoners of other nationalities. Richard C. Lukas, preface to The Forgotten Holocaust: The Poles under German Occupation 1939-1944

While we must never forget what transpired during this period, we do a dishonor to all those who perished when we fail to acknowledge that the holocaust encompassed far more than Jews. Still, at the end of WW2, England and many other countries in Europe decided the best way to stop Jews from settling in their neighborhoods again as what remained of them emerged from the camps, they would give them a piece of Palestine where they could establish them selves. This was not done because of religious writings, prophecies or any other mystical belief. It was done as an expediency and mostly as a result of viewing the Jews just as the Germans did only they were far too shrewd to admit this openly.
I doubt anyone then or now, thinks for one moment this was an act of kindness.

So, they gave them a piece of someone else’s country. And I suppose this was just fine, unless it happens that you lived there and it was your land being given away. Religion was immediately invoked to justify this and required a reciting of old documents, writings, so-called scriptures, prophecies, whatever. These supposedly said this was actually their land and had been 2000 or more years ago.

I have listened to all sides of this from people who try hard to convince me that what has transpires with the genocide of the Palestinians, is justified. I have also listened to the reciting of so-called historical facts from those who state openly that they support Israel first, ( Again, what are you doing here?) information that supposedly proves that 2000 years ago, more or less, Israel was a state and that the name Palestine did not exist, or existed as Palestinia or other names. Somehow, this is supposed to secure the position of the state of Israel as owner of the lands of what I know to be Palestine: what has been known as Palestine for centuries. Through their own recitation of the history of this land, it has always been some version of Palestine in which the ancient Hebrew tribes traveled as their nomadic lives dictated, but ruled by various other states which constantly renamed it after they claimed it.

Regardless of what was or wasn’t 2000 or more years ago, the fact is that the country of Palestine was handed over to the Jews at the expense of the standing Arab population for the convenience of European countries and England: the fear being that if the Jews were allowed to resettle there, recent history would repeat itself.

“In 1936-9, the Palestinian Arabs attempted a nationalist revolt… David Ben-Gurion, eminently a realist, recognized its nature. In internal discussion, he noted that ‘in our political argument abroad, we minimize Arab opposition to us,’ but he urged, ‘let us not ignore the truth among ourselves.’ The truth was that ‘politically we are the aggressors and they defend themselves… The country is theirs, because they inhabit it, whereas we want to come here and settle down, and in their view we want to take away from them their country, while we are still outside’… The revolt was crushed by the British, with considerable brutality.” Noam Chomsky, “The Fateful Triangle.”

But! Using this ancient history as rational, let me ask you this:

The state of Massachusetts sits on land formerly occupied by,

The Wampanoag tribes (including the Massachusett, Nauset,
Nantucket, Pennacook, Pokanoket, and Pocasset)
The Mohegan tribe (including the Nipmuc and Pequot)
The Mohican tribe (including the Pocumtuc)

How about if the US government, along with a few other nations, decided that the remnants of these tribes were dispersing to areas where they weren’t wanted? What if they decided to give Massachusetts back to the people that claimed that since they had occupied it once a long time ago, they were entitled to it now? After all, they had some old books, old documents, that said that 200 years ago these Indians had lived on this land, only it wasn’t called Massachusetts then, it was called something else and they could prove it with their ancient writings and stories, so that meant it should be theirs.

Now, (hypothetically) Massachusetts residents are being told that they must vacate their homes, businesses, their lives as they have known it, because the Indians are moving in and not only do they want the land, they want all your stuff too. After all, the US government along with other nations decided it was the right thing to do. And, after all, they have all those old writings and such that prove that at some time in the very distant past, a long, long time ago, their ancestors had been there and there were even really old maps that showed they had been there, sort of.

When people in other states object to what the Indians are doing to the Massachusetts people, the Indians will simply demur to the writings and sayings of their spiritual leaders past and present. After all, if the Great Spirit supposedly said it, it must be true. Of course this depends on which Great Spirit you are quoting from, all beliefs being relevant to your cause and you have to take the word of men from a long time ago who supposedly were “divinely inspired”.

Strange how these interactive conversations with the Holy Ghost seem always to reflect the opinions, beliefs and desires of the men who claim them.

(How is this sitting with you so far?)

How about the next thing the Indians do, is to herd the remaining Massachusetts people, who were determined to hang on to what they knew to be theirs in today’s world, into one small area, and basically run an open air gulag type of prison for them?  And what if any one who rose up and objected to what was being done to the Massachusetts people was then charged with being an anti-Indianite?

(You ok with that?)

How about if they claim that because 150 years ago the American government created a continental holocaust against them and committed a sizable genocide that continued on well in to the 20th Century, they therefore had every right to be as violent as they wished and began attacking neighboring states, like say for instance, Pennsylvania, because they had spent some time there too and after all, their old books, documents and words from the Great Spirit said that was theirs too.

This doesn’t sit well with you? Oh! I know! I’m being ridiculous! This is too far fetched! This could never happen.

Strange, I believe that’s what the Palestinians thought too.

What I really believe………..

I cannot and will not support the genocide of the Palestinian people by the Israeli’s. If ethnic cleansing was wrong when the Nazi’s did it, it is equally as wrong when Israel does it. Becoming the thing which you claim you despised, cannot be reconciled by sighting a history of persecution or by quoting some archaic scripture. Neither can it be justified by reciting the writings of men who claimed some divine epiphany; writings that appear to change on the whim of other men who followed them, or that have been [reinterpreted] to suit a purpose today.

The very idea that we, as a country sit by and make excuses for Israel as it decimates another population, the cruelty of which is no less an atrocity than that committed by the Nazi’s against numerous country’s and peoples, is a statement on the lack of our true moral character.

An occupation regime undermines those principles of moral justice and prevents the attainment of peace. Thus, that regime endangers Israel’s existence. (haaretz)

“We enthusiastically chose to become a colonial society, ignoring international treaties, expropriating lands, transferring settlers from Israel to the occupied territories, engaging in theft and finding justification for all these activities. Passionately desiring to keep the occupied territories, we developed two judicial systems: one – progressive, liberal – in Israel; and the other – cruel, injurious – in the occupied territories. In effect, we established an apartheid regime in the occupied territories immediately following their capture. That oppressive regime exists to this day.”
(Michael Ben-Yair, 3 March 2002)Quotation of Israel’s Attorney General from 1993-96 Michael Ben-Yair in 2002 – “The Six Day War’s Seventh Day,” by Michael Ben‑Yair, Haaretz, March 3rd, 2002. This article is also reproduced in The Other Israel, Voices of Refusal and Dissent, Foreword by Tom Segev and Introduction by Anthony Lewis, edited by Roane Carey and Jonathan Shainin. (New York: New Press, 2002), p.13-15.

That our politicians shake in their shoes at the very thought of anyone objecting to this decimation of the Palestinians while simultaneously attacking one country after another based on hysterical claims of human rights violations supposedly committed by the leader that is about to be obliterated on the orders of those politicians, is a lesson in sheer hypocrisy.

Religious leaders who incessantly quote scriptures in order to validate the occupation of Palestine by the Israeli’s, need to re-examine their belief system. What merciful God would condone or want the mass killing of an entire population in order to be satisfied? For what end? The fact is, God wouldn’t: but evil men would.

What I do believe, is that Israel is far to involved in politics and policy here in the U.S. and are leveraging financial influence to achieve objectives that will cost us dearly. “Us” being the general population. It will be us commoners who will be commandeered into service to fight wars, the causes for which will be hidden while we are assailed with contrived propaganda to make us believe we will be on some glorious mission to bring democracy to people who don’t want it, or, to save Israel. And besides, God loves America and Israel more than anyone else. But who will save us from Israel?

I believe that the ruling class, both politically and economically, in Israel, has an agenda that is detrimental to the U.S., and that this agenda, plan, mission, whatever you like to call it, is dividing us against ourselves, intentionally, and God, ancient texts, prophecies have nothing to do with this.

Using the weapons of religion and politics, the US and Israeli powers have worked together against the people of our countries. Those pulling the strings don’t really give a damn about your politics or what version of God you believe in, if at all. These are just tools to control what you think and believe, and has been very successful.

In all of this are individuals holding dual citizenship with other countries, but most especially with Israel.  As has been said: You cannot serve two masters. So, who is the master they actually serve?

The best way to destroy any country is to destroy it from within. As examples, look at the condition of the countries the U.S. supposedly brought democracy to. They are in shambles, every one of them. This was by design. Forcing these countries into chaos makes the plundering of state assets and wealth so much easier when you do not have to negotiate with a standing legitimate government or their military. And if you can drag a god or two into the mix, hoorah! to you! You can keep everyone in the country warring with their neighbors over who’s god is the one and only god and determined to kill each other off over contrived religious beliefs, while plundering their assets.

It would seem that no one stops to consider that man made religions seldom have anything to do with actual faith in God.

And isn’t that exactly what we do here? We fight over which version of religion is the supposed true religion and allow ourselves to robbed by Wall Street and the government while we busy ourselves arguing nonsense about some other religion that supposedly wants to harm us.  Never mind that we have relentlessly attacked, interfered with, and destroyed one nation after another and have done so for decades,  and that these nations and their people are upset with us. It couldn’t be because we have bombed, killed, maimed, destroyed everything that was their lives. It Can’t be that we caused the hatred of the US with our own actions.  It must be that they don’t believe in the right version of God.

And here in the U.S., our politics, policy and the general condition of the population, is in chaos. Intentionally so. We fight continually about whose version of God is the true version. Whose version of politics is the right version. Who God loves and who He doesn’t love. Who is going to hell and who isn’t. Only God knows and He seems quite reticent about sharing that info.

There is not a man on earth that can honestly claim to have any of this knowledge about God’s intentions.

In the interim, Israel sits on 50 or more nuclear bunker busters first sought during the Bush/Cheney Cabal. Obama finished the transfer in 2009 of the weapons to Israel. And while they build their arsenal with the help of the US,  we sit back and watch another holocaust happening, this time to the Palestinians. While we watch, we quote scriptures and ancient writings, the content of which has changed hundreds if not thousands of times across history to benefit the political and religious agendas of those in power.

What will history say about today’s genocide of the Palestinians, and our refusal to intervene and stop this massacre? Not as a matter of politics, not even as a matter of religion……….but as a matter of humanity.


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