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On Monday, the 6th of April, I had the pleasure of taking an afternoon stroll with Doctor Darrell Hamamoto on the UC Davis campus. He is a soft spoken professor that is presently under fire with UC Davis administrators who are not too happy with Agent 007, who investigates government and corporate corruption to the 10th degree.

Darrell's photo1The professor exposes behind the scenes sinister elements within America, and also includes other nations which are being catapulted into an unconstitutional Brave New World Order system fueled by a
European and American unelected, billionaire shadow elite.

Presently, UC Davis administrators along with Janet Napolitano who is the President of the University of California system, are not taking the matter lightly and have called for hearings which are already in process. However, Doctor Hamamoto is not alone in this battle and he has enlisted the renown attorney, Dan Siegal, who has defended other professors within the university system.

For the record, what is professor Hamamoto’s sin? He has once again opened the flood gates of academic freedom but at the same time shares the truth and exposes a dark agenda that is meant to destroy the American middle class and then transform the country into a highly subservient society and a police state. Conspiracy theory? No, his findings are actually a collection of hard evidence and facts which support his claims.
servitorsHis recent blockbuster book “SERVITORS OF EMPIRE” is being assigned to his students and reveals how sovereign nations such as the United States will be brought under centralized rule and made possible through advances in bioscience, information technology, engineering and global finance.

Fearful administrators who are status quo puppies have been taken back by his revelations and are also not in favor of his openness and “unprofessional” approach in the classroom. So a person is clearly more “professional” when they are not thinking outside the box while also being politically correct at the same time?

Now then, we don’t want anyone rockin’ the boat do we? Students just might find out what is really going on and then have a protest, or worse still they may do a week long sit-in or build a tent city. This could very well result in a negative image and a huge problem for the university. A PR man may have to be called in to calm the storm! And the parents who support the students might have to transfer them to another university. Billions of dollars could be lost to the UC Davis empire. Is this the tip of the iceberg? You make the call. The iceberg has already melted and there are oceans of water that are already rising beyond the flood stage, and while America sleeps, she is rapidly being taken down by stealth.

This fact is being done through the United Nations and an Agenda 21 program which is already being enacted in towns and counties across the U.S. In essence, the professor agrees that Agenda 21, along with the facade of green radicalism, has become an unconstitutional administrative movement. Clearly it is an assault upon our republic that tramples upon basic individual freedoms that were enshrined in the Bill of Rights by the framers of our Constitution. During our walk through parts of the campus, Professor Hamamoto pointed to a new 10 million dollar museum and an art center which is being built by Jan Shrem and will actually be a building named after him. It has been planned to be an integral part of the university, the curriculum and the community to where everyone can come to study and learn through the arts. This all sounds wonderful and nice and fuzzy but after looking at many of the existing but strange art sculptures already on the campus, I am assuming the the art museum will continue to embrace even more unusual and objectionable works of art.

As the professor continued, he shared with me that Jan Shrem, who is a very wealthy ex-vintner, unfortunately may be a main player in a circle of Napa Valley friends that has ties to the New World Order, namely, the Robert Mondavi vintners who climbed aboard a joint venture with Phillipi de Rothschild in 1979 and erected the mysterious and semi-secret Opus 1 winery in Oakville, CA. What makes this so interesting is that only “special” guests are invited. Members only?

Assuming that all of this is true, the new financial/political empire and order is now even found in the wine country. So the question remains. Are these vintners playing with a full deck? Surely, what comes to mind is this old saying; “You will know them by their fruits.”

Thankfully, Professor Hamamoto is on a mission to expose any and all players who appear to be participating in a very large and evil agenda that is meant to destroy the country and a sovereign government that is for and by the people and one nation under God. Now that the truth has been revealed, it is up to the people to save the country.


Darrell Hamamoto holds degrees in political science, popular culture, and sociology, and is a graduate of University of California at Irvine’s Comparative Cultures doctoral program.