RSVP for 4/14 Minnesota Lobby Day to Oppose SF380, Vaccine Exemption Modification bill.

Many Minnesota legislators still haven’t heard from us and all of them need to know we’re still watching SF 380 and won’t go away until it does! Join us to create a large physical presence that will keep the opposition strong around this issue. RSVP Here, or just show up, to thank our legislative supporters and to educate those who are on-the-fence about why opposing SF 380 is the right thing to do.

When: Tuesday, April 14, 2015 at 12pm – 4pm

Where: Room 400S State Office Building

100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Saint Paul, MN 55155

NHFA looks forward to seeing you there!!! Don’t forget to invite friends and family too!

This Lobby Day will begin with introductory remarks from several leaders driving this opposition, such as Jim Abeler and colleagues, followed by a brief Lobbying 101 training, before we break into small groups. Each small group will visit one or more target legislators with and will be led by a member of one of the organizations opposing this bill. You can self-select which group(s) you’d like to join on the day of the event. Talking points and leave-behind materials for legislators will be provided for you. Show up for as much as you are able. Children are welcome. RSVP Here.

What the bill does:

SF380/HF393 eliminates the current conscientious belief exemption to vaccination for school children in Minnesota and replaces it with a new personal belief exemption that must include a statement from a physician and must be on a form developed by the commissioner of health. This bill will make it more difficult for parents who wish to decline vaccines, use a different schedule for vaccines than the recommended one, or who wish to skip one of the vaccines, or more, to get an exemption. Parents will be required to schedule a visit a physician who will give them a presentation on CDC vaccination perspectives.

Changes to SF 380 Since Introduction:

SF 380 had a hearing in the Health, Human Services and Housing Committee, and passed on a vote of 6 – 4 with one abstention. Senator Eaton, author of SF 380, offered a “Delete-all” amendment, and the new version of the bill is even worse in the following ways:

•This bill now requires parents to write a statement of why they choose not to have their child receive a vaccine and to have that statement recorded in the child’s medical record
•This bill raises questions of data privacy for those parents who choose exemptions
•Amendments to improve parental informed consent, and protect physician independence, were rejected
•This bill still allows a physician to refuse to sign the certificate, which could lead to “doctor-shopping” and, therefore, increased costs and coercion for parents
•This bill may have negative repercussions on physicians who sign certificates for patients requesting exemptions

Please help us keep the pressure on! Stand up for vaccine health freedom rights and show the legislators that we won’t let them restrict our rights!!! RSVP Here.

Take Action on SF 380 by sending a letter of opposition to the MN Senate here.


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