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Nephrologist, researcher and scholar Dr Suzanne Humphries (one of the few outspoken physician-whistle-blowers that, of course, has never been co-opted by the vaccine industry) knows more about the basic science – and the dangers – of vaccinations than anybody else in medicine, talks about the issue of vaccines and autism at:

This information, addressed to the Dept of Justice, is mainly for those common sense correspondents of mine who know that there is truth behind the concerns of parents of autistic spectrum disorder-afflicted kids and other fully vaccinated children who are also now afflicted with a variety of autoimmune and other chronic illnesses (now representing 1/3 of the fully vaccinated childhood population in America). These chronic illnesses may not be curable unless the root cause is accurately identified:. Please read on:

Because this is so important, I ask that you drop everything and watch nephrologist/scholar Dr Suzanne Humphries talk about the flawed science and dangers of the HPV campaign that is being promoted by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the CDC, AAFP, AMA, Big Medicine, Big Pharma and the corporate media to get parents to have their pre-adolescent daughters (and sons) submit to the HPV vaccine’s three $100+ doses (plus office call charges) that have been proven to only give temporary immunologic “protection” against 2 or 4 of the 15 potentially carcinogenic human papilloma viruses.

The two brands of HPV vaccines that Big Pharma companies have managed to get the FDA to approve only have very weak theoretical reasons behind their promotion, and it is highly likely that both innoculants will, in the 20 – 30 years it will take to either prove or disprove the claims, be found to have been worthless and even dangerous when the end results will be available (so far there has been no proof that they can prevent cancer of the cervix; in fact, just the opposite already seems to be true).

So far the only claim for alleged vaccine “effectiveness” is that some vaccinees manage to develop transient immune responses to the shots in most of the recipients, but no decreases in cervical cancer or even pre-cancerous lesions have been found (in fact there have been cases of HPV-infections and cervical pre-cancerous lesions found in the young vaccinated girls!!

Thus there have been no proof of HPV vaccine safety. And, since the HPV innoculum contains large amounts of the toxic adjuvant – and ultimately immune-suppressant – aluminum, as well as a variety of inevitable contaminants (that have been found in many vaccines), one could predict harmfulness, both short-term and long-term!!

(At this point it might be good to recall Voltaires’ admonition: “Those who can get you to believe absurdities, can get you to commit atrocities.”)

There has been generated much blind enthusiasm among medical professionals and the mainstream media for these product, that are essentially untested for effectiveness and long-term safety and manufactured by two of the giant, amoral, multinational pharmaceutical corporations (Gardasil is made by Merck [guilty of the Vioxx scandal – 50,000 heart attacks – and the Fosamax scandal – 5000 lawsuits for osteonecrosis of the jaw]. Cervarix is made by GlaxoSmithKline – guilty of the Paxil scandals [5000 lawsuits for suicidality and birth defects of children born to their Paxil-drugged pregnant mothers; and the Avandia scandals [>50,000 lawsuits for heart attacks, strokes and heart failure]).

That reality is indeed sobering and, when the questionable science (corporate junk science?) about these products is more fully understood, knowledgeable parents of vaccine industry-targeted pre-adolescents, when they have finally become better informed than their BigPharma-indoctrinated physicians, will tend to lose faith in the medical profession and seek out alternative approaches to achieve and maintain their health without physicians. (See the chart at the end of this message.)

Watch the following 20 minute YouTube video more than once. Study it and check out the references mentioned: .

Also google Dr Suzanne Humphries for much more on the cunning vaccine industry. Also check out for much more on HPV vaccines, especially the sobering timeline data at:

After studying the first YouTube piece, in order to get a sobering overview of the world’s massive over-vaccination problem, watch the second, more important Dr Humphries video for the accurate, honest and, sadly, censored-out science on vaccines, which refutes most of what the medical profession – and its overly-obedient patients – has swallowed hook, line and sinker:

It is our obligation to properly skeptical about giant pharmaceutical corporations drugs and vaccines, especially the newest HPV vaccine, which has been priced to be one of BitPharma’s most profitable vaccines (which is highly profitable also for the health care industry). I also hope that sensitized people will join the Vaccine Liberation movement and warn others about the dangers that most of the”authorities” seem to be ignorant about.

Also check out and GGK

PS: See this chart of adverse event reports on HPV Vaccines, as of January 2015 (

Description Total
Disabled                             1,284
Deaths                                   220
Did Not   Recover            7,624
Abnormal Pap Smear        595
Cervical Dysplasia              262
Cervical Cancer                   100
Life Threatening                 680
Emergency Room          12,305
Hospitalized                     3,945
Extended Hospital Stay    264
Serious 5,360
Total Adverse Events        38,217