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“Every politician, every agency grand poobah in this country needs to be reminded that our bodies are not government issued property and they have no right or authority to force anyone, especially children to be subjected to injections that they admit could probably cause great harm or even death.”


Human vaccinosis: Part 2

dees_vaccinesHuman vaccinosis should have been a consideration before  Minnesota legislators jumped on the vaccine bandwagon.  But this is about money, and lots and lots of it. It will come from pharmaceutical “stakeholders” and from federal agencies which will be given billions to pass out as “grants and subsidies” for implementing the federal plans.

The rise of chronic illness and disease in children has risen in direct correlation to the number and frequency of vaccines. Now, Minnesota legislators have their eye on vaccinating adults; a previously marginally tapped market. While some Minnesota adults vaccinate for flu and pneumonia, the majority avoid these shots like the plague, which may be an instinctive reaction to the intended infectious diseases included in the shots.

The decline in children’s cognition and all the innumerable illnesses they now suffer,  should be sending up red flags that what is being done, is not working. Or maybe it is and we are just not aware of the actual intention of vaccines.

The idea that we should be forced to play vaccine roulette with our health or that of our children is unthinkable. The sordid history of vaccines is very carefully avoided when discussing the political economics associated with mass vaccinations. Plausible deniability is everything when you are bargaining for campaign dollars.

When at first they practice to deceive

While several Minnesota legislators entertained numerous pharmaceutical lobbyists before the March 18th ,2015 meeting of the Health Committee, several activists were busy contacting their representatives and expressing their objections to the efforts to force vaccinations on the public. The response from staffers in those offices was anger, threats, and admonishments to never contact his or her royal highness, again. I can only conclude that contrary to what I had been led to believe, our representatives do not work for the people who elected them, in fact, they work for the pharmaceutical companies or other “stakeholders” who keep their campaign coffers awash in donated funds.

Meetings such as the one that just took place here in Minnesota should have been open to the public and televised live for transparency. Of course if you did either of those things, the ability of legislators along with their new best friends, the pharmaceutical lobbyists, would find it much harder to control the content of the meeting and the information relayed. We couldn’t have it on public record that they actually knew how dangerous these vaccines actually were; that they were informed or received information that was contrary to what the lobbyists were saying.

Which, I suppose, is exactly why no one who opposed vaccines was allowed in the meeting, much less time to speak, and why the audio of this meeting was “accidentally lost”.

Wait a minute!  Who ARE you working for?

Bills to move forward with forced vaccinations are on the agenda for the Minnesota legislature. Does it make you wonder how our legislators concluded that they had the right to force the injection of viruses, bacteria, heavy met als, and other toxic substances into people against their objections? How many of our children, and now adults if this passes, will be subjected to lifelong chronic illnesses including brain injury, from vaccines, before someone in government admits that vaccinations are dangerous?

And just whom do these legislators think they are to pass laws forcing the involuntary poisoning via vaccines?

Why vaccines are not safe begins with our blood types

There are a total of 33 human blood group systems are recognized by the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT). Each of these groups react differently to foreign antigens. How could a one-size-fits all vaccine possibly NOT adversely affect genetic responses, or cause internal damage as a result of forcing known toxins, antigens, heavy metals, sterilty agents, non-related DNA into the bodies of unwitting participants?

There are subtypes under this grouping (listed as A1, A2, A1B or A2B…) some of which are quite rare. Apart from this there is a protein which plays an important part in the grouping of blood. This is called the Rh factor. If this is present, the particular blood type is called positive. If it is absent, it is called negative.

You were never a consideration

We are not in the middle of any epidemic, not on the verge of any epidemic, unless you consider the epidemic of chronically ill children or those who suffer from autism or environmental poisoning. Instead of introducing disease into an other wise healthy population, or into one already stressed by gmo’s, herbicides or pesticides, why not instead, clean up the environment including the pharmaceutical industry?

Every politician, every agency grand poobah in this country needs to be reminded that our bodies are not government issued property and they have no right or authority to force anyone, especially children to be subjected to injections that they admit could probably cause great harm or even death.

Human vaccinosis in conjunction with gmo’s and contamination of the food supply, air, water and land,  is contributing to the onset of the perfect storm in public health.  We need our legislators to support us and work to protect us from the growing public health crisis.

But there isn’t any money in that, is there?


Vaccine Reactions and Conditions List                

Vaccine List

Here are just some of the ingredients in common vaccines from World Association for Vaccine Education:
“The individual components of vaccines and their exipients, allergens and contaminants must be considered in evaluating the safety of the vaccines themselves. Some of the ingredients are extremely toxic and have detrimental effects on human health.
The documentation provided on this page provides detailed analysis of chemical composition and it’s uses.

Chemical Analysis
Acetic acid
Acid hydrolysate (casein)
African green monkey kidney cells
Aluminum adjuvant
Aluminum hydroxide
Aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate
Aluminum oxide
Aluminum phosphate
Aluminum potassium sulfate
Amino acids
Aminoglycoside (antibiotic)
Ammonium sulfate
Amphotericin B
Anhydrous disodium phosphate
Arum triphyllum
AS04C containing 3-O-desacyl-4- monophosphoryl lipid A
Ascorbic acid
Bacillus anthracis
Benzethonium chloride
Boric acid
Bovine (cow) serum
Calcium carbonate
Calcium chloride
Casamino acids (casein)
Cephalin (antibiotic)
Chick embryo cells
Chinese hamster ovary cells
Chlortetracycline hydrochloride
Cholera virus
Please read full list here WAVE