new-logo25by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator,

911 Truth Grassroots Organization


Myths thrive on worlds of their own creation, where beliefs can persist in the face of occurrences that seem to dispel them. – Jason Sokol, There Goes My Everything, White Southerners in the Age of Civil Rights, p. 63.

Imagine living in a country so successful that it accounts for about half of troublesomethe world’s production of wealth and well-being on an annual basis, where the average citizen enjoys three times the living standard of countries in Western Europe, which in turn enjoy three times the standard of living of the Soviet Bloc countries, whose soldiers, still fairly fresh from defeating cruel totalitarian regimes and their deluded followers, are pictured giving candy to the children of defeated foes turned into friends in occupied former enemy countries, and where brotherhood and honest, peaceful intentions are lauded and universally believed in.

That was the image we were given of our country, the U.S., over and over and over throughout the 1950s. And most foreigners were said to cherish that winsome propaganda image as well. Such was (and for many, still is) their image of America. – home of the can-do-anything-always-good-guys (and gals). But, while such as they/we were safe and happy in their/our picture-perfect suburbs, in small towns, and on farms, they/we were not quite immune to crazed lone gunmen and the like. And not immune to the world’s bad guys, Communists and an inscrutable rabble overseas who were duped by them, and now their designated successors, who hate us and want to destroy us for our freedom – always necessitating new gigantic weapons systems, unceasing vigilance, and fully-justified preemption with sometimes nattering and ungrateful allies which some persist in calling aggression.

You don’t give up that kind of self-congratulatory world view just because there are some alleged problems with something that can’t begin to compete with the power and good vibes of the overall pervading narrative. Because we’ve still got the biggest economy, freest institutions, the strongest military, the best food, sports, music, movies, religion, technology, medicine, and clearest view of everything in the world – except when we don’t!

So, do you think most Americans would rather watch another John Wayne movie and enjoy a good American beer, or sit through a science lesson? Three guesses. People already know that there are a lot of contradictions and exceptions, to everything! If the gods that run this country… er, world did something wrong, or knew something we ourselves didn’t, then, hey! Nobody’s perfect! “I wouldn’t doubt that what you say may be true, but… well… life goes on, doesn’t it?”

Have you noticed that we don’t get outright denials very much anymore when we confront people with facts about 9/11, but more like shrugs and polite coughs and inattention? Well, that’s the new form of denial – denial that things could be any different, or that something that happened on one day out of the last 4,931 would have any lasting significance now.

Americans know that the world is closing in on them – just as you know it on a miraculously warm Indian Summer day in late November. There’s global warming now breathing down our neck, a perpetual dearth of money to do what we’d like to be able to do, violence and evil hatred coming ever closer to our own doorstep, Internet predators and lawlessness, war mongering and corruption at all levels, government lying, corporate lying, legislation and pronouncements that don’t make any sense, tainted food and drugs, polluted water and air, pipeline promises and prophetic leaks, psycho kids, unrepentant racism and rampant incivility, the slow, painful realization that Israel has made a stooge out of us. “And you want to talk to me about something you or I can’t do anything about because it happened exactly 4,931 days ago? I don’t think so, pal.”

There’s your American.

“You’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists.” That’s more like where we’re at collectively – and even the powers-that-be are having trouble rallying support on that basis for one more go these days.

As for the perpetrators – 9/11 isn’t seen as a one-off, a single bad deed they can fess up to. They cover up everything; it’s their work, something they themselves might have to look up now, and discover that it happened 4,931 days ago and struggle to recall the few unconnected details that each of them may once have known. No big deal, to be sure.

It’s almost all down the memory hole. And what could possibly get Americans really interested in it now? If a way was discovered to actually get the bastards, then, everybody would get on board! That’s what Americans are still waiting for. That’s our DNA.