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Individuals, both Democrat and Republican, in the Federal Government, several State Governments, and the dark soul elites who give them marching and voting orders want you dead so they can have everything. If you do not get that while there is still time to resolve the situation without resorting to armed violence, you will suffer one of several varieties of ugly death.

The minimum actions you must take immediately are to see that the resources of your State are organized to protect you from three types of
death squads coordinated by the Department of Justice and the National Intelligence Apparatus and to demand that State and Federal Health Departments fully enforce provisions of the United State Code and Code of Federal Regulation enacted and promulgated to prevent legal and illegal immigrants from bringing diseases into the United States that will kill you and your children.

This is the last commentary article of an unannounced three part series on
President Barrack Obama’s mass murder of American citizens currently underway.

Obama’s effort is comprehensive and involves many more aspects than are covered in these three articles, but are documented by others elsewhere. Two commentary articles have already been published, one on The PPJ Gazette website and one on Veterans Today. The one published on Veterans Today was intercepted and altered in transit. It has a substantial number of extraneous special characters inserted into the text to demarcate various types of text strings, for whose benefit I have not been able to determine.

All three articles will be available on my website in a free downloadable book format, as well as the existing sites where they are individually published. The book format may be downloaded at:
1. (A) What Americans Need to Know About Death Squads and Model Legislation to Control Death Squads published October 24, 2012
(B) Model Death Squad Prohibition Legislation
2. President Barrack Obama, America’s Pol Pot published April 2014
(vandalized version)
*(Disease Redistribution Eliminating America’s Mindless Eating Redundant Stooges) (Published here below.)
This may look like a lot of information to read through, but it is probably the most important material you will read this year. A fact about one of the diseases covered or an obscure section of Code may provide you with some course of action that could save your or someone you love’s life.


*(Disease Redistribution Eliminating America’s Mindless Eating Redundant Stooges)
February 9, 2015
James Roger Brown
(Sociologist and Intelligence Collection and Analysis Methodologist)
The following information is sufficient for you to comprehend how disease riddled illegal immigrants are being used to target American citizens for execution by disease and sufficient for you to communicate to others what must be done to stop the execution of American citizens using disease riddled illegal immigrants.

In Public Health and epidemiology, a vector is any organism that carries and transmits a disease into another organisms. Human beings infected with a communicable disease become human disease vectors. A  comprehensive body of law and public health policy have been established to control diseases spread by human disease vectors. The World Health Organization has published a statement regarding the scope
and magnitude of “Public Health”:
“Public health refers to all organized measures (whether public or private) to prevent disease, promote health, and prolong life among the population as a whole. Its activities aim to provide conditions in which people can be healthy and focus on entire populations, not on individual patients or diseases. Thus, public health is concerned with the total system and not only the eradication of a particular disease. The three main public health functions are: READ FULL COPY OF BOOK HERE

October 7, 2011 a Minneapolis court convicted Daniel James Rick of first-degree assault for knowingly infecting another man with HIV in unprotected sex.

It has been established in international law that intentionally infecting another human being with a disease transmitted by a human disease vector constitutes a criminal offense of assault, attempted murder, or actual murder. President Obama has intentionally orchestrated a biological attack upon every legitimate citizen of the United States by inciting and organizing the entry of human disease vectors across the Mexican Border carrying virtually every disease known to medical science.

No leader in human history has ever contrived the mass murder of the citizens of their nation by intentionally exposing them to multiple diseases simultaneously. This surpasses by several orders of magnitude the US Army giving Small Pox infected blankets to Indian Tribes in the 1800s. Barrack Obama may have his name etched in human history as the villain who committed the greatest evil in the false name of doing good.

No one in the Obama Administration gives a flying fig about the welfare of children and adults manipulated into illegally crossing the US Border, the legal citizens who live here, or the animal, bird, and insect populations in the border area feeding on the diseased corpses. There are and will be thousands of rotting corpses being consumed by animals, birds and insects in the border area. Any diseases contained in those bodies that are common to animals, birds, insects and humans will transform whatever consumes the bodies into disease vectors that will spread the diseases. The American Southwest is being transformed into a disease contaminated Hell.

Two other factors will increase the adverse consequences of inciting human disease vectors to illegally cross the Mexican Border. First, the entire South West is subject to “Abnormally dry” to “Exceptional Drought” so persistent and severe that the entire population of towns and cities may have to be relocated. Second, one of two things will happen because of the high unemployment rate:

(1) it will be virtually impossible for adult illegal immigrants to find adequate employment and the unaccompanied minors entering illegally will be too young for legal employment; or

(2) illegal immigrant workers will be used to replace American workers with cheaper labor leaving Americans unemployed with increased health risks.

Barack Obama is acting in total disregard of Federal Law and Regulations designed to protect Americans from becoming infected with the communicable diseases of other nations. President Obama should be removed from office and prosecuted on one count of attempted murder for each citizen exposed to an illegal immigrant infected with a fatal disease and one count of murder for every American and illegal alien who dies from the diseases carried by the human disease vectors he aided and abetted illegally crossing the border with Mexico and entering the United States.

Why should you demand that existing Federal Public Health Laws and Code of Federal Regulations be fully enforced regarding illegal immigrants and that President Barack Obama be removed from office immediately? Here are some very explicit reasons regarding diseases your children could bring home with them from the infected illegal immigrant children that have been intentionally placed in their classrooms..

February, 2015 by James Roger Brown. All rights reserved.