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What Will Be Considered Mandatory
The Federal Government’s proposed mandatory health insurance will mean mandatory vaccinations/immunizations. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says that for anyone who refuses to keep up-to-date vaccinations, under the new health reform, you will not be able to obtain any health care you may need until immunizations are current.


The federal mandate forcing vaccinations against your will, has now been entered into the Federal Register. You have until March 9, 2015 to comment before they arbitrarily enter this as a new “law”.

Bear in mind that no matter how many of us object to this assault on our 59203_518492681544067_1036204037_npersons, the end result is that they WILL register this as “law”. The entry into the federal register is simply a formality that allows them to gauge just how much interest and opposition there is to what they are planning. As we have seen in the past regarding other issues, comments expressing opposition to their plans are purged from the comments section by the thousands. Do not let this deter you. If your comment is scrubbed, comment again.

Read the full draft here and then post your comments:

Solicitation of Written Comments on the Draft National Adult Immunization Plan
The Daily Journal of the United States Government

Bear in mind, that because this is part of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Congress, their staffs, government employees, including those attempting to pass this into law through rule-making agencies, are all exempt from these rules. The very people implementing this have been guaranteed that they will not be subject to it.

The very fact that the Constitution demands that all laws be applied equally, and, the fact that congress exempted themselves and so many others from it in violation of that demand, makes this “law” null and void as if it had never existed.  Yet, the Supreme Court decided to ignore that in its ruling.

This begs the question: “If vaccines are so safe and effective, why wouldn’t those attempting to pass this into law be the first to line up to receive vaccines?” Have you noticed that none of the public officials, not one congressman or even the president has made any indication that they have, or will, get vaccinated, against anything? Neither have any of those who are attempting to pass this rule (law).

SCOTUS: Black Robed Traitors?

When SCOTUS opined that Obamacare was constitutional because congress had the power to tax, it was another case of asking the wrong question in order to produce the wrong answer. Pelosi had said that there were taxes in Obamacare, but that they wouldn’t be treated as taxes. Lets assume that statement actually made any sense. If you did not designate the fees you intend to collect as taxes and you have stated you will not treat those fees as taxes, then the SCOTUS ruling becomes void.

Obamacare was not a tax bill. It was a supposed healthcare bill, hence the name “Affordable Care Act”. It was not titled: “Obamacare, A tax Act.” The content of the Affordable Care Act was not focused on taxation, but rather, the use of force (ACT) in perpetrating this violation of the commerce clause of the Constitution.

The question before the court was not one of taxation, but of commerce. Did the federal government have the right to force the purchase of insurance and participation in several profit driven industry’s that the public did not want? NO!! The fed can regulate commerce between the states but not within the states! Of course the Supreme’s have no intentions of being vaccinated either. They too are exempt.

But here we are, standing on the edge of another of those disastrous consequences that we were told were “myths” about Obamcare. Forced vaccination. And if we don’t comply? That is the big question.

Are the re-education/FEMA camps a “myth” too?

There is a decided absence of any information on what the penalty is for refusing to be injected with toxic chemicals, known carcinogens, sterilization chemicals, live and dead viruses, mutated viruses, bacteria, the DNA of non related species, formaldehyde, heavy metals, mercury, thimerisol, and so many other things that we do not even know about.

The specter of “re-education” centers looms large. Of course, those are just more of those ubiquitous myths that abound. (sarc)

There are already rules in place to quarantine, arrest, and/or forcibly vaccinate the public.

The mechanisms and the claimed authority to implement them,  have already been put in place prior to the entry of the forced vaccine mandate on the Register.  This site includes state by state statutes that will facilitate what is nothing less than  vaccine martial law and which strikes down any and all rights you might have had to refuse the injections of toxic chemicals, known carcinogens and multiple viruses and bacteria, into your body.

The rule lists no penalties to manufacturers, government entities, medical providers or anyone else associated with this mess that might result from the harm or death caused by the forced vaccinations. The back ground information used by HHS to support this assault on the public at large is a who’s who of invested “stakeholders”. HHS is using information from these stakeholders that has been repeatedly dismissed as fabricated, and skewed, and unsupported by any verifiable evidence, to support the assault on the public.

This is not about public health. This is not about preventing infectious diseases or keeping you safe from another contrived and fictional boogey man.

This is the ultimate exercise in fascism: The corporation as government.


State by State Quarantine/Arrest statutes